Andrew Belle….

Andrew Belle (born August 26, 1984), is an American singer songwriter. Belle is originally from Chicago. He moved to Nashville in 2009, and he currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife.

I happen to discover his music by chance……just browsing through music on You tube…..and I came across his single Dark Matter….one listen and I got hooked….his songs have regularly featured in TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Smells like Teen Spirit and many more…….though very underrated, I think he deserves much better attention for his brilliance in the art…


Dark Matter has that exotic sound which carries you through much open spaces….creating a beautiful halo of music like engulfing clouds…..Next up is a song called Enemy……from his Black Bear album….another beauty of a song….quite regular on my daily playlist.


Now I will share one of his new songs which hopefully will be included in his upcoming new album….the song is Dive Deep……..a lively track, almost a proposal….:)


Lots of songs are there from this amazing artist, can’t share all of them in one post…..but this one I must share…..Pieces…..performed live …

I hope you all will enjoy his music as much as I do…….will talk later with more of his music …:)

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