Novo Amor….

First of all a warm hello to all my fellow bloggers….hope you all are doing great on this beautiful Tuesday…..many good wishes and good thoughts for all of you….and wishing lots of peace……many of you have added real value to my novice attempt at blogging and I appreciate that with all humility and humbleness……will try to thank many of you as follows….:)

And all other friends in the community……thank you….

Now to today’s featured artist Novo Amor… first introduction to this amazing artist originally known as Ali John Meredith-Lacey (born August 11, 1991), better known under the moniker Novo Amor, is a Welsh multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, sound designer and producer. Lacey released early work in 2012, but rose to prominence after the release of his debut EP Woodgate, NY in March 2014. He has since released multiple singles as Novo Amor, as well as collaborative work with Ed Tullett. His music for me creates much more open spaces, with mystery and beauty….and though he has quite an amazing similarity to Bon Iver and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, I find his songs peaceful, relaxing and fit for every environment…….here are some of the songs which I love very much from Novo Amor….

After Anchor, the next song i will share is Faux, a collaboration with Ed Tullett……

Hope you are having a good time….:)… up is Weather….an absolute beauty….

Ending today with this gem of a song from Novo Amor…..called Callow….


Stay musically happy…….:)

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