William Fitzsimmons…poet, singer, musician…

One of the many acoustic artists I admire very much is William Fitzsimmons and this is my introduction of him……

An Illinois based singer songwriter recorded most of his early albums in his previous home in Pittsburg Pennsylvania…..and his songs have been featuring in tv series like Grey’s Anatomy. 

As a musician, his style of music is basically beautiful folk, acoustic indie folk genre…..and his songs are so soothing along with his voice…….we shall listen some of his songs today which I like very much….

This one is from his 2014 album Lions…..

Born in Pittsburgh to two blind parents, both of whom were living-room musicians, he began playing piano and trombone in elementary school and taught himself guitar as a junior-high student. Over time, he also learned to play banjo, melodica, ukulele, and mandolin. While pursuing a master’s degree at Geneva College, Fitzsimmons began tracking some of his songs on home recording equipment. These self-produced recordings were compiled together and released as 2005’s Until we were Ghosts, a strong debut album that appeared during Fitzsimmon’s time working as a mental health therapist.

Everything has changed…..

This is another beautiful song…It’s not true…

A second self-produced album, Goodnight, appeared in 2006, influenced heavily by his parents’ divorce during his childhood. By this point, Fitzsimmons  had settled on a distinct sound: a gentle mixture of folk-rock and electronica applied to carefully written (and often autobiographical) songs that, at their best, delivered a quiet emotional punch.

Another beautiful haunting track…..Nothing can be changed….

Many times he has faced criticisms from many that his songs do not fall into the category complete tracks…..sounds almost same and monotonous….but he has maintained his distinct acoustic sound and I think that’s where his brilliance and talent lies……….will end today with Fortune…..


Have a fantastic Sunday folks…..stay musically happy and healthy….have peace and love…..:)

4 thoughts on “William Fitzsimmons…poet, singer, musician…

  1. Thanks for sharing Anindya. I like this guy. Have you ever listened to Bon Iver? I’m not sure if you have them on your blog as of yet… but worth listening to. My favorite band actually.

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