Monday…through music….

Monday….the undisputed blues day for many….and why not ? After the most relaxing and eventful weekend, almost everyone dreads the feeling of going back to work in whatever form on the first day of the week and goes into a sulk…..this has happened to me since my childhood days till today, for my working days….and the same for most of you….Mondays we all hate so much….

But then Mondays are also the beginning of another week which can bring so much joys to us, so much surprises can be in store for us, so much happenings can take place, so much positivity can welcome us….and it all starts with Monday….:)

For me, Mondays are equally as refreshing as Sundays when there is so much music around…a much rare discovery of a good song or album on Sunday can make my Monday so great just by listening it on repeat. And,trust me, starting your Mondays with goodmusic right in the morning can take away most of the Monday blues and propel you to the right trajectory towards a happy refreshing day onwards….which can affect everything we do……

So, today let me pick some nice songs for all of you to carry along and go through this Monday and go forward to the entire week with happiness and good feelings…..:)

We will start with Full Circle by Half Moon Run…..

Next we will listen to Daughter’s ‘Doing the right thing’……

Up ahead is a flowing song by Greg Laswell and Sarah Bareilles……Come Back Down….

Blues man John Mayer…..:)

One of my special favourites….Bon Iver….Holocene…..

Go flow with Imagine Dragons…..It’s Time….:)

At the end, even it’s Monday or any day of the week, we are all superheroes……juggling verious acts in our lives with such great talent…..its tough but we do it any way……and this same thing to you through Superheroes by The Script……love this one…:)

Every day every hour, turn the pain into power…..:)

Happy Week……

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