Daughter….Elena Tonra…

Today is the apt day for introducing my top favourite band Daughter…or i can say it’s Elena Tonra as she is the main backbone of Daughter. This is one such band for me who never disappoints not in any single song….I am deeply hooked on to their style of dreamy ethereal alternative indie rock and folk with beautiful popish ballads and some excellent song writing. Elena Tonra for me is an extremely talented singer song writer and she has already made her mark in the band as we will easily know from the songs which I will share with you.

Daughter is an indie folk band from London with Elena Tonra as the frontman and later joined by Swiss guitarist Igor Haefeli and French drummer Remi Aguilella.

Elena has this amazingly simple and sweet personality which draws everyone in her music. I feel the same way too. The first album I heard of her is ‘If you Leave’…..all songs in this album are so good…!!…..So let’s hear some of the songs from Daughter….

I will suggest everyone to go through their songs and try them out…..you will like them….starting with ‘Human’…..this is one of Daughter’s darkest songs with cutting lyrics which are written mostly by Elena herself…

Next we will listen to ‘Youth’ where she takes a jibe at many things including the ill effects of smoking…:)

After the brilliance of ‘Youth’ we will move to their extended song from ‘Not to Disappear’ album called ‘The End’….

Next up is ‘Fossa’…..from their ‘Not to Disappear’ album…..


From their ‘If you Leave’ album…..this is again absolutely dreamy folk…Winter……enjoy..

Next two gorgeous tracks are from their recent album ‘Not to Disappear’…….

‘Doing the right thing’…..played live on KEXP…..just brilliant….


So…what do you thing…?….do share your views and reviews……..will leave you with more of  Daughter in Landfill and Shallows…..


And I float blissfully in such dreamy soundscapes every time I hear these songs…..and many other….:)

With love…….

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