Depeche Mode….back with a bang 

Just a teaser to my upcoming review of this legendary band Depeche Mode….my playlist is ever incomplete without DM in it. ….Dave Gahan still has that magnetic voice with the rest of the band including the Gore brothers at their very best. …over 50 in age yet so young, Depeche Mode is back with their brand new album Spirit slated for a March 17th release worldwide has already released one song “Where’s the Revolution “…..and boy they sound vintage and classic as ever….

So for fans and music lovers.’s big day on the 17th for the album to become available. …

Enjoy. .😊

2 thoughts on “Depeche Mode….back with a bang 

  1. Shattered in Him

    In the mid-80’s, I was a hardcore DM fan. I used to dance around the living room to Little 15 and imagine just driving away. I still have DM in my playlist. 🙂

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    1. Anindya

      And like u i am a big fan of DM and Dave Gahan particularly. …still am. …and this album again will be a hit. ..they don’t know how to make bad songs. .😃😃

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