Message in a Bottle…..

‘On a sea-side vacation she, Theresa accidentally came across this bottle washed up on the beach. Inside the bottle was a letter written by someone named Garrett to his wife Catherine. Theresa went through this letter and was deeply over whelmed at the intensity by which this man expressed his love for his wife who passed away.She had this unavoidable urge inside to find this man and know the story what drove him to express his feelings in a note and left it in the sea……and thus started Theresa and Garrett’s story of a passionate courtship in a beautiful coastal town….both of them have lost and found love and tried their best to fill up the gaps in the most deep and profound attraction towards each other…………but did the story last and went to its logical conclusion ?….did the story have a happy ending as expected ?……:)…’

If most of you have already read this and recognized this, yes, this is the amazing story called ‘Message in a Bottle’ by Nicholas Sparks…will request you all to read this one if u haven’t already….it is really worth it….

It has also been dramatized in the movie form…..but the book must be read first….


I have never read Nicholas Sparks before, nor have heard of him, before one day long back on a beautiful winter morning this book reached my doorstep through the courier guy neatly packed from someone I happened to just started talking a week ago….:)

I really don’t know why she sent me this book….but the moment I picked it up and I started reading it, I couldn’t stop until I completed the whole book….at the end, I was deeply moved, had these intense mixed emotions, started admiring the characters of the story as well as the creator who penned the whole thing…….and then I started thinking, what was she trying to tell me…?….:)

And, another story started………:)…..will probably write it for the first time sometimes….u’ll know…:)

Happy Women’s Day everybody….:)

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