Being good…..

Yes….being good matters….no matter what the situation, you be good, period… all these years it has worked for me, trust me….it is time tested and proven…nothing in the world is more important to you than you being good to yourself and the rest of the world that you live in… be good…spread happiness among your fellow beings….return happiness and warmth to your worst enemies… is the key.

In school, many times during those years we have faced those kids who just wanted to show their superiority by bullying….haven’t you faced them or been tormented by them?..of course you have…life is bloody incomplete without them..:):)….but do they last..?…even if they do, for how long?….what is the use..?….. in some point of time they realize it’s not working, no matter how strong they feel, in face of goodness every so called ‘powerful bullies’ ultimately fizzle out and mellow down. So, being good counts. Many have mocked me by saying that I am just timid and scared, introvert, cows down in a shell and what not….all my fault was that I have been good to everyone….am still is…and will be forever…but it’s tough, trust me….but worth it…and it comes from within you, you can’t force it….though you can practice it whole heartedly.

So true…how you react to different people depends totally on you. You must have great strength of your character to control your anger, your ego and all those negative feelings which keep you from being good… is the basic law of nature that some will hurt you, annoy you, treat you real bad, betray you, cheat you, etc etc……….you must have one answer to these negative elements…just your silence which will ultimately spread your goodness among everybody.

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

William James (1842-1910)

So, is there any limit to being good or is there any fixed formula for the same ?…no there is not. 

As my experience goes, I can broadly tell you why I feel good to be good to everyone and everything in just few points.

  1. Never find anything bad in any negative situation. Finding good and transforming your mind to be happy in any situation propels you to accept life in general to be good….that way you can maintain your inner peace all the times. And your inner peace will always make you be good.
  2. Lifting up anyone in a negative situation to a positive frame of mind is another natural expression of goodness.If you can’t do anything to lift the negative situations of people, just let them be and do nothing….your silence will allow the natural law of the universe to take effect and do what’s needed to be done.
  3. Even if you get negative treatment in any form from anyone or conflicting views or in simple term anything which is sure to make you feel bad, control your mind, focus on the positive.Positive attitude brings more light into your life and light removes all darkness. Gratitude, kind words, kind thoughts and love towards life brings happiness and light……the perfect recipe for you being good to everything.

Doesn’t it sound nice..?… It sure does. And, yes, everything comes back. Every good deeds come back to us in manifold. So, being good matters. Feel gratitude towards every thing that you come across every day and you will naturally feel good.And when you will feel good, naturally you will be good…:) 

Gratitude is the key……make it your lifeline.

Go ahead……think good thoughts, speak good words, take good actions…..and good will come back to you…..:)


Thank you……with love…:)

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