Photo of the day…..from Rushikonda, Vizag

Ok….so while going through my travel picture book my eyes got stuck at this one…..taken with a smartphone camera from the hotel terrace while on tour in Vizag, originally called Vishakhapatnam, a beautiful coastal town in Andhra Pradesh, India. This sea side is called Rushikonda and it is mesmerisingly beautiful. Vizag is also the headquarters of the Indian Navy and a very busy and happening port. Be in the morning or in the dusk, the sea takes this beautiful halo of sunlight on it’s body and takes on a very unique colour. And the moment has to be the right one for taking the picture….:)

A detailed travelogue of Vizag will come in the future…..Vizag is an all weather destination with so many places to visit and enjoy….:)

Take care everybody…:)

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