Dustin Tebbutt…..in a musical dreamscape

It’s Saturday…..weekend….and also just one day away from one of the greatest festivals in India here which is also celebrated in many countries globally, it’s the festival of colours, Holi……so here’s my best wishes to all fellow bloggers for a very Happy Holi….spread bright and beautiful colours, love and happiness among everybody….and stay musically connected….:)

Yes, for me it’s always music which builds the bridge among generations and keep life so refreshing and energised all the times….

Ok…so today I will introduce another much lesser known singer songwriter to you….I have tremendous respect for his music, his talent, the beauty each song of his creates and the dreamcape his music transports everyone into……hope you will like his music too……he is Dustin Tebbutt…..

Australian singer/songwriter Dustin Tebbutt left his homeland in search of inspiration from the harsh and changeable seasons of Scandinavia, where he began work on his Bon Iver-inspired music. Subsequently settling in Sweden, he combined lush, sweeping harmonies with sparse, layered instrumentation; he used the foreign landscapes that surrounded him to construct the backdrop of his dramatic and melancholic music. His languid, emotive songs nod to influences such as J. Tillman, while the rich texture of Laura Veirs, Great Lake Swimmers, and Max Richter are also audible in the composition of his 2013 debut EP The Breach. The following year, Tebbutt released a second EP, Bones, before making a triumphant return to Australia, where he sold out multiple shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. A 2015 collaboration with Brisbane’s The Kite String Tangle was followed quickly by the seven track mini-album, Home. [info courtesy http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dustin-tebbutt-mn0003181202/biography].

I first listened to his songs in 2014 when I came across his albums Bones and The Breach. And I know instantly after listening to a couple of songs, that he is special. Let’s hear couple of them…..:)


Next we will listen to Breach….

Of course you know by now that my ipod is one companion that never leaves my side….:):)….Dustin Tebbutt is in full form there…..we will listen to more of his songs from his 2014-2015 music years before we move on to his last recent album First Light which came out in 2016……..

The Wolves (Reprise)

Home…..another flowing song…

Dustin uses the feel of his natural surroundings in Sweden where he resides to full extent in his music which is always ambient, ethereal, cathartic and spacial……his First Light song from his 2016 album by the same name is an absolute gem……….

First Light…..:)

I hope by now you are floating on some kind of a musical magic mattress …..:)…..here are couple more of his songs before I leave the rest to you to explore this amazing artist by yourself….:)

In too deep……………….love this song…

Another gorgeous track……Hewlett’s Comet….


I hope you have enjoyed this musical journey with Dustin Tebbutt as much as I have enjoyed introducing him to you…..those of you who already know him this is just another of our weekend musical refreshments…..:):)….this is his latest song for the movie Jasper Jones called Atlas in your eye……


Take care…….with love….

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