The secret of Pattern….

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Yes, when I start talking about the secret of pattern, I mean the pattern of life as a whole…..yes, life has its own pattern that unfolds in front of us in so many forms. These patterns generally spring up as ‘Changes’. And ‘Changes’ are something that we are always sceptical about and take the changes in negative ways…..

But trust me, if we don’t go on that usual pattern and take these changes in our lives in a positive way and look for the better in them, how beautiful life will be.

And then again, patterns arise many times out of our own imaginations and various thoughts that encourages us to do many things that we don’t even know that we are capable of. I will concentrate on the creative and positive side of these mental patterns than the negative ones. I came across this following photo and wondered that yes so many times we eat out in diners, but something can be done with the crockeries on the diner table in this manner goes beyond our thinking most of the times…..but it’s the patterns…:)

That’s called imagination……:)

And yet still many uses patterns in negative ways….it’s quite surprising that the same mind which can generate so many patterns to create such amazing things, can use those same patterns of the mind to creative destructive schemes to cause harm to life in general. That’s why we need find spread goodness and happiness like a virus so that these negative patterns can never take shape at all and make this world a far more beautiful place to live in, for all……:)

So true, there’s so much beautiful natural patterns yet to be seen and discovered….life’s patterns will always present so much opportunities to create nice and better things, and that’s exactly we should be doing :)…..just an example in the following how natural patterns are created every day and every minute….

Create good, create happiness, create memorable patterns of life……:)

Thank you…..

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