Say Yes to happiness…..always…:)

Yes….the most powerful word in our vocabulary…and the most avoided word too…:)…’s as if we have started believing in the absence of this word associated with happiness….Happiness is everyone’s right and the strongest choice, and a confident Yes seals it forever for all of us.

Say a resounding and firm Yes right in the morning, everyday of your life to happiness….it has tremendous positive effect in the entire surroundings we live in….:)…..Don’t ever think of NO…..vanish that word completely for the right things that you believe in….

Our world gives us ample opportunities to find happiness….and it’s in our best interest to embrace happiness with open arms and spread it among everybody….:)….


Say Yes to love

Say Yes to laughter

Say Yes to friendship

Say Yes to positivity

Say Yes to your hobbies

Say Yes to the beauties of our planet

Say Yes to challenges

Say Yes to the journey of life……..

Say Yes to not taking NO for an answer for the right.


Photo credits : Pinterest….

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