Deep Voice…..#5

It’s music time once again on this beautiful Wednesday and that’s what musicalsoundscapes is all about, mostly…isn’t it…? :)…

My baritone voice series will go on….as we reach the fifth edition. Today I will highlight one  such singer who is quite well known not just only as a solo artist, but also the member of the well known ambient band Dead Can Dance……yes, you are right…I am talking about Brendan Perry…..:)…..

British born musician Brendan Perry is well known for his beautiful deep vocals and rose to stardom being the duo of Dead Can Dance along with Lisa Gerrard…..and I am a fan of both of them…..and very much a fan of Brendan Perry’s soaring vocals……

Today, I will share with you his famous song ‘Winter Sun’, from his solo album ‘Ark’…..I find this song to be hauntingly beautiful and just pure ambient…..hope you will all like this song….:)


Music rules……..:)

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