Dreamscape…..with Enya….

Wow, I am so proud to do this post about an artist, a band which is quite close to my heart, am one of their biggest fans….have been floating in their musical dreamscape for a long time now, and they command a full fledged post here……..yes, friends, I am talking about Enya…………..

Enya…..the classical, the beautiful, the new age specialist, the ambient masters, the medieval extravaganza…..very popular not only in Europe and Asia, but the world over….is a team work of Enya with Nicky and Roma Ryan, formerly from hit Irish band Clannad.


There is so much music from Enya, that it’s hard to put much in a single post, but still I will try to share some songs from this amazing band or rather Enya, songs which completely mesmerises me all the times….:)

But first let’s look back at her career….from where it all started…..

Excerpts from Wikipedia info on Enya….

Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin was born on 17 May 1961 in Dore, an area of the remote parish of Gweedore, County Donegal in northwestern Ireland. It is a Gaeltacht region where Irish is the primary language. Her name is anglicised as Enya Patricia Brennan,[7]where Enya is the phonetic spelling of how Eithne is pronounced in Irish; “Ní Bhraonáin” translates to “daughter of Brennan”.[8] The fifth of nine children, Enya was born into a Roman Catholic family of musicians.[9] Her father Leo Brennan was the leader of the Slieve Foy Band, an Irish showband, and ran Leo’s Tavern in Meenaleck; her mother Máire Brennan (née Duggan), who has Spanish roots,[10] was an amateur musician who played in Leo’s band[11][12] and taught music at Gweedore Community School.[13] Enya’s maternal grandfather Aodh was the headmaster of the primary school in Dore, and her grandmother was a teacher there. Aodh was also the founder of the Gweedore Theatre company.[14]

Enya described her upbringing as “very quiet and happy.”[15] At age three, she took part in her first singing competition at the annual Feis Ceoil music festival.[14] She took part in pantomimes at Gweedore Theatre and sang with her siblings in her mother’s choir at St Mary’s church in Derrybeg. She learned English at primary school and began piano lessons at age four. “I had to do school work and then travel to a neighbouring town for piano lessons, and then more school work. I … remember my brothers and sisters playing outside … and I would be inside playing the piano. This one big book of scales, practising them over and over.”[8][16] At eleven, Enya’s grandfather paid for her education[14][17] at a strict convent boarding school in Milford[11] run by nuns of the Loreto order,[10] where she developed a taste for classical music, art, Latin and watercolour painting.[10] “It was devastating to be torn away from such a large family, but it was good for my music.”[8]Enya left the school at 17 and studied classical music in college for one year[8] with the aim of becoming “a piano teacher sort of person. I never thought of myself composing or being on stage.”[18]

Enya’s musical style

Enya’s vocal range is mezzo-soprano.[90] She has cited her musical foundations as “the classics”, church music, and “Irish reels and jigs”[58] with a particular interest in Sergei Rachmaninoff,[91] a favourite composer of hers. She has an autographed picture of him in her home.[92] Since 1982, she has recorded her music with Nicky Ryan as producer and arranger and his wife Roma Ryan as lyricist.[93] While in Clannad, Enya chose to work with Nicky as the two shared an interest in vocal harmonies, and Ryan, influenced by The Beach Boys and the “Wall of Sound” technique that Phil Spector pioneered, wanted to explore the idea of “the multivocals” for which her music became known.[94]According to Enya, “Angeles” from Shepherd Moons has roughly 500 vocals recorded individually and layered.[95] Enya performs all vocals and the majority of instruments in her songs apart from several outside musicians to play percussion, guitar, uilleann pipes, cornet, and double bass.[93] Her early works including Watermark feature numerous keyboards, including the Yamaha KX88 Master, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim Matrix, Akai S900, Roland D-50, and Roland Juno-60, the latter a particular favourite of hers.[96]

Numerous critics and reviewers classify Enya’s albums as new age music and she has won four Grammy Awards in the category. However, Enya does not classify her music as part of the genre. When asked what genre she would classify her music, her reply was “Enya”.[93] Nicky Ryan commented on the new age comments: “Initially it was fine, but it’s really not new age. Enya plays a whole lot of instruments, not just keyboards. Her melodies are strong and she sings a lot. So I can’t see a comparison.”[97] The music video to “Caribbean Blue” and the art work to The Memory of Trees feature adapted works from artist Maxfield Parrish.[98]

For me, besides any genre, Enya’s music is very soothing, melodious, wonderfully written, dreamy folk, and outright heavenly to transport you into a medieval dreamscape…….and that’s where her voice and her music comes into play….

First up….it’s her live performance of one of her biggest hits ‘Orinoco Flow’…..


Next song is from Peter Jackson directed Lord J.R.R. Tolkien classic Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack…..May it Be…..by Enya……:)

Enya is known for keeping a low profile and very private lifestyle, saying: “The music is what sells. Not me, or what I stand for … that’s the way I’ve always wanted it”.[104][114] She is not married and has no children,[101] but is a surrogate aunt to the Ryans’ two daughters.[115] In 1991, she said: “I’m afraid of marriage because I’m afraid someone might want me because of who I am instead of because they loved me … I wouldn’t go rushing into anything unexpected, but I do think a great deal about this”.[116] Her relationship with a Spanish man ended in 1997,[56] around the time when she considered taking time out of music to have a family, but found she was putting pressure on herself over the matter and “gone the route I wanted to go”.[101] She declares herself as “more spiritual than religious … I derive from religion what I enjoy.”[97]

In 2006, Enya ranked third in a list of the wealthiest Irish entertainers with an estimated fortune of £75 million, and No. 95 in the Sunday Times Rich List of the richest 250 Irish people.[117] The 2016 edition, which listed its top 50 “Music Millionaires of Britain and Ireland”, she emerged as the richest female singer with a fortune of £91 million for a place at No. 28.[118]

It’s her sophisticated persona as well as her beautiful songs made her such a popular musician world over……and for me, she is just amazing…….

Next up is an emotional rendition….’So I could find my Way’……:)…..it’s beautiful again….


Those who are already familiar with Enya’s music will agree that this next song ‘Only Time’ is again one of her biggest hits………just close your eyes and get drowned in the beauty of it……:)


Awards won……

Grammy Awards

Year Album/Track Award
2006 A Amarantine Best New Age Album
2001 A Day Without Rain Best New Age Album
1996 A Memory of Trees Best New Age Album
1992 A Shepherd Moons Best New Age Album


Be it any time of the day or night, in any situation you are in whether at work, or at home, or driving through those roads, Enya’s music is always the faithful companion to give immense joy and happiness and keep everything so refreshing….hope She will keep on making music for music lovers all over the world and always surprise us with the utmost intensity that her voice commands………

Signing off today with ‘Carribean Blue’……..:)…….enjoy….


with love……:)….

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