Four songs a Day…..with Marble Sounds..


Very true…..yes, music in any form, can be the most beautiful of the expressions that we can have in our daily lives all along….music always uplifts the soul, stimulates the senses, soothes the mind and body and deeply energizes the persona……..and it has always worked for me in any condition….and music is always so good to share and listen with everybody….as well as perform it……:)…and performers will always have that special bonding with their listeners which is so natural.

What a Monday without music…?:)…..the first day of another busy week must be musically refreshing for all of us…..and thus my series Four Songs a Day for all of you, friends….

Today….we will listen to Marble Sounds…..another indie, post rock, alternative band that I listen to regularly, love their simple and gentle melodies….perfect for any day, any situation and of course for long drives…..:)

So, here’s Marble Sounds…..

marble souns

Marble Sounds is a Belgian post rock band around singer Pieter Van Dessel . An important feature of the music group, the melancholic character of their songs.

Group Marble Sounds was formed in 2007 . Pieter Van Dessel, also active in electro group Plastic Operator , in early 2007, a first EP under the name Marble Sounds. This ep, A painting or a spill landed on the playlist of Radio 1 and Studio Brussel. Later that year, he surrounded himself with other musicians making a full band was formed. In March 2010, the group released their first full CD.  The CD, called Nice, good bear, received positive criticism ao De Morgen . In 2013, a second album ( Dear Me, Look Up ) and early 2016 a third: Tautou . In terms of sound the band is compared with Kings of Convenience and Turin Brakes

Starting of with a beautiful song called ‘The little Lows’………love this song….:)


So, how was it…? :)….hope you like it…..

Next up, we shall listen to another catchy offering called ‘The Summer of the Sun’……..get your feet tapping..:)…


Ok….:)……here’s another gorgeous song….’The Ins and Outs’……..


Once again, much lesser known artists are a plenty in this world….but the music they create is no less than their bigger counterparts, and these bands need to be heard more…..:)…..So, here’s Marble Sounds with this beauty ‘No one ever gave us the Right’……


Have a great day ahead…:)…

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