Self development….a challenge ?

As an individual, we are constantly developing, either positively or negatively. And it becomes a time challenge for us to outdo others, again positively or negatively. We steer ourselves as our minds tell us to, and sometimes we listen to our hearts too. We very seldom rejoice success as much as we loath and blame all sorts of things when things are not in shape. We want our lives to be stunning, and when things start to fall apart, we get into a stunningly negative mode. 

Is it really a challenge….self development for the better ?…..why do we so make it so hard on ourselves most of the times..?…

As I have experienced working as a Corporate banker for a long time, and also through various situations of life, it’s all in our minds. We tend to doubt everything, feel fear at every change, be unhappy at all low points in our lives and thereby halt ourselves from leading a happy peaceful life. 

And here we need some control….of our minds I mean….:)….trust me, if you can control your mind and train it to remain positive and with a never say die attitude, you are bringing back peace, stability, happiness, positivity into your lives…..and it will affect everyone around you including you…..


How wonderful it is that in the phrase ‘Don’t Quit’ is embedded the attitude ‘Do it’……yes, do everything possible with passion to stay away from negativity. Follow your dreams even when everyone thinks your dreams are crazy… what stimulates your senses even when everyone finds it to be useless and wastage of time……just do your thing… it in your work, your personal life, your interests…..put your heart and soul to it….and that’s a best way of self developing.


It is natural law that life will not always be smooth and trouble free… these uncertainties will crop up quite regularly…..creating virtual roadblocks….as hurdles at every juncture………………………and this is where mind control comes…..the best way according to me is to stay calm, not panic, always have a smile on your face, take every moment with utmost care, go through it, have patience and soon there will be calm waters again to glide through……..always be happy and have positive vibes all around you….it will create the entire world around you to bring positive outcomes even in the toughest of the times…….:)


Self development is not magic….you will not develop in one day….rather you will develop every minute that you live….through your actions, through your thinking….that you evolve and  make your place …..and the first thing, or the most basic thing to do as per my personal view is to be humble, very humble in all your actions, and be good… yourself, to everybody……the greatest souls on this planet are all very good and humble human beings…..and these two elements of nature actually build the very foundation of self development……the rest will come naturally…….and lead you to success….:)


So true… is in the darkest of the times, when we actually shine brighter just by staying positive, happy and facing the dark times with conviction and confidence…….the dark nights will come everyday, and we will have to pass these with a calmness to welcome the brightest times again the very next day……….and every dark night gives ample opportunities for us to develop more…..for good….:)



And the stunning will come…..will crop up from the good…..from the better attitude…..the better discipline…..the humble self…..and the honest and true mind……life will be stunning and give lots in return to our self development…..:)

Be happy….:)…….

7 thoughts on “Self development….a challenge ?

  1. Great post. I agree. Self development will require patience and a positive attitude. It will always have it’s rocky moments and we will have to go through the high and low moments.


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