Four songs a Day….with London Grammar….

Can’t stay away from music for long….:)….you already know that, don’t you ? Yes, the tunes, the lyrics, the rythm, the videos, the feel, the ambience…quite addictive and outright refreshing……and once again, for me, it’s lifeline….:)

Well, Four Songs a Day continues…..with it’s mission music, and sharing and introducing well known, not so well known,lesser known, unknown, all sorts of musical artists, but purely of my choice……and I hope that you will like most of them, if not all……:)

So, today, quite a known band in the indie alternative circuit from England…..they are London Grammar……friends…:)



Vocalist Hannah Reid and guitarist Dan Rothman are originally from London and met in a hall of residence at the University of Nottingham during their first year in 2009. Rothman saw a picture of Reid on Facebook with a guitar and sent her a message to see if she wanted to collaborate. They were joined by Northampton native Dominic ‘Dot’ Major (keyboard, djembe, drums) a year later, after he began playing music together with Rothman. They chose the name as “not only was it where we’re from, but London is also so international and multicultural that it actually felt like quite a universal name in a way.”

After completing their studies in the middle of 2011, the trio moved down to London to pursue a career in music. By the end of the year they were managed by Conor Wheeler who began promoting them. The band began by playing low-key gigs at local bars, honing their material. They soon found themselves noticed by a number of A&R people, and they were signed with the Ministry of Sound while Big Life took over the management duties in the second half of 2012. In the same year the trio did some early recordings with Rollo Armstrong of Faithless and Liam Howe of Sneaker Pimps. Later in the year, the band continued to work with Tim Bran of Dreadzone and Roy Kerr, and by the end of the year most of the recording had been completed. On 12 December 2012, the trio posted their song “Hey Now” on YouTube which immediately received a large amount of attention.

Four songs from London Grammar for today from my playlist…….let’s see if you like them….:)…..vocals of Hannah Reid are of a different class altogether….

This is from their upcoming new album due for a June release with the same name ‘Truth is a beautiful Thing’………………..


Next up is ‘Strong’…….cathartic, haunting, regal …..gorgeous….



Next song will be ‘Big Picture’, from their new album……hope they will make it big in 2017…….rooting for them…:)



Yes…I know what you are thinking……the world of music is indeed surprising…..:)

Ok…fourth one…..mmmm….difficult to pick one of many…:)…..well i will pick ‘Nightcall’…….beautiful song…



Stay musically connected………..always….:)

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