Happy times….in the park..

Yes….you are right….amusement parks…..the ultimate entertainment hub for all ages. It is the landscape we can definitely not miss.A landscape full of joy, laughter, awe, surprises, adventures, food, fun and frolic……and it is the same everywhere.

Every city in every world have loads of these amusement parks,many of which are well known by their names the world over and thousands of tourists come to visit all the times for that really gala time which is very essential sometimes in the journey of this hard life that we pass. Amusement parks are real family fun parks and such is the popularity of these parks that even adults behave like kids while coming here and let go of many things..:)….and it is a real bonding exercise that people go through in such places…..:)

Here’s some glimpses from such an amusement park from my city Calcutta here in India…..on weekends this park draws large crowds and it gets thriving and alive….:)



Landscapes of fun, laughter and joy…….music included….:)

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