Agnes Obel……a beauty in Music…

I don’t know how many of you know Agnes Obel or have heard her music, but she is one of those rare gems, whose contribution to the beauty of the art called music is highly regarded. And, today I decided to share some of her beautiful works with you all……………


Yes, music is the best pill that can be taken at any time with the best cure available in this world to all…………..:) and I have bottles and bottles full of those with me all the times….:)

Just a few listens to songs from Agnes, and the entire scenario changes, it becomes heavenly, soft, soothing and musically fulfilling…..her voice and piano playing, along with her companions in vocal and instrumentation creates such beautiful songs which transports the listeners to the fairy tale worlds….and stays for long…….:)



Agnes Obel for you……friends…..

Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel (born 28 October 1980 in Gentofte, Copenhagen) is a Danish singer and songwriter. Her first album, Philharmonics, was released by PIAS Recordings on 4 October 2010 in Europe. Philharmonics was certified gold in June 2011 by the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA) for sales of 10,000 Copies. At the Danish Music Awards in November 2011, Agnes Obel won five prizes: Best Album, Best Pop Release, Best Debut Artist, Best Female Artist and Best Songwriter…….

From her debut album ‘Philharmonics’, this is ‘Riverside’…………


Agnes Obel is influenced by artists such as Roy Orbison and also by the French composers Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Erik Satie. She also likes Edgar Allan Poe and photographers Sibylle Bergemann, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tina Modotti and Alfred Hitchcock. Concerning Hitchcock, she says, “I adore his enigmatic style, his sophisticated esthetic but always with an extreme simplicity.”The cover of her first album, photographed by Berlin photographer Mali Lazell, is an ‘homage’ to The Birds.

Agnes Obel also likes the experimental filmmaker Maya Deren. Sometimes, Obel tests some of her demos on Deren’s movies. Obel is also a huge fan of Nina Simone : “I have a fantastic live album by Nina Simone on which she sings “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”. Her vocals seem to come out of nowhere. Magic.” In addition to classical music, Obel listens to artists like Mort Garson (The Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds), The Smiths (How Soon Is Now?), and Françoise Hardy (Où va la chance).

In February 2017, and after the famous covers of John Cale and Jeff Buckley, Agnes Obel performs the mythical “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen song) in a tribute to the late Leonard Cohen at the ‘Victoire de la Musique 2017’.

The first record I listened to from her is ‘Aventine’…….and I was instantly hooked….she has this simple beauty in her voice that is not to be missed easily……..let’s hear couple of songs from that……

This is a live version of ‘Fuel to Fire’…….:)


Next for me will be ‘Aventine’……




Agnes commands this critical acclaim that she has received from the musical world by just presenting simple tunes yet beautifully intricate…… is evident in her next song ‘Dorian’…….:)


The web site Mushroompromotions said: “‘Aventine’ is a beautiful record, intriguingly unhurried. If the first record was a wander through the forest, this one takes the time to see the beauty and feel the texture in a single leaf. It is at once microcosmic and universal. (…) Agnes creates her own world, or as she calls it, a bubble or bell jar, to make her music. Once inside (or should that be outside?), she’s no longer conscious of what’s going on. This is the mystery of her modus operandi, something she cannot explain. Which simply adds to the ethereal quality of her music.”

During her 2014 Tour, Agnes Obel began work on her third album : “I’m planning to work less with piano, and more with other kinds of old keyboards (…) I’m trying to find new instruments to work with, so it’s sort of on the research phase and starting to write things.” Agnes says also : “I have some clear ideas but I’m not sure it is a good idea to go into specifics on such an early stage. I mainly plan to work with old keyboards like spinet and harpsichord and then see where they take me.”

In June 2015, Agnes Obel worked on her new album. She recorded strings with new musicians, Frédérique Labbow, Kristina Koropecki and John Corban.

In June 2016, Obel released a new single, ‘Familiar’, from her upcoming album. The song is recorded, produced and mixed by Agnes Obel and features violin by John Corban, cellos by Kristina Koropecki and Charlotte Danhier. The video clip is directed by her husband Alex Brüel Flagstad. Hugo Cassavetti, from Telerama, wrote: “Agnes Obel, while remaining true to her fine style, expands her new musical fields. Percussions with a loud power rhythm a delicately acrobatic melody that the singer performs with a voice that was strangely moved. Yes, Obel, as splitted by technology, duet with her disturbing echoes with a male stamp.”

In July 2016, Agnes Obel announced her third studio album, Citizen of Glass, to be released on 21 October 2016. About the mysterious title, Agnes Obel explains: “The title comes from the German concept of the gläserner bürger, the human or glass citizen. It’s actually a legal term about the level of privacy the individual has in a state, and in health it’s become a term about how much we know about a person’s body or biology or history – if they’re completely made of glass we know everything.”

Among violins, cellos, harpsichords, spinet and celesta : Agnes Obel used a Trautonium, a rare electronic musical instrument from the 1930s.



We will end up with couple of her new songs from her recent album ‘Citizen of Glass’…….this is ‘Familiar’……

Hope you will like her songs…..:)

Lastly… ambient gorgeous track …….’It’s Happening Again’………:)


Let music fill up any void…..all voids…………..

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