Four songs a Day…..with Elbow…..

Yep… favorite time of the day….doing a music post…….:)

Once again friends…’s Four songs a Day ……..

Today we will listen to songs from an indie alternative rock folk band from England……popularly called ‘Elbow’……………hope many of you are already fans of music from Elbow………:)



Their story is one of the most extraordinary in contemporary British music. Over twenty years and seven studio albums, elbow have achieved many of the accolades that mark out a successful band. Their cabinet boasts two Ivor Novellos, a Mercury Music Prize, a BRIT award for Best British Band. They have been honoured with an hour long South Bank Show documentary, are one of the most featured modern bands on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs (in fact singer Guy Garvey has himself appeared as a guest on the show) and number a host of prestigious musicians within their fanclub including the likes of Peter Gabriel, Michael Stipe and John Cale, inspirations to the band themselves when they were starting out. elbow remain the only band to secure four consecutive 9/10 album reviews from the NME and their releases have been a permanent presence in the UK charts since the release of debut album, ‘Asleep In The Back’ in 2001.

With Guy Garvey (vocals, guitar), Craig Potter (keyboard, piano, backing vocals), Mark Potter (guitar, backing vocals) and Pete Turner (bass guitar, backing vocals), the band’s music is awfully simple and sincere both in terms of lyrics and music……and Guy’s vocals are as soulful as ever…….they have seven studio albums and lots of live performances and EPs and LPs…….so it will be difficult to pick just four songs, but I will give an honest try….:)


We will start with a lush, gorgeous new track from their new album ‘Little Fictions’…….song’s called ‘Gentle Storm’………………………


Elbow have cited a number of influences on their music, including Genesis (in particular the progressive rock years featuring Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett), Talk Talk and Radiohead. Guy Garvey has said: “I grew up listening to every Genesis record. I learned to write harmonies by listening to Peter Gabriel.” The song “Newborn” from Elbow’s debut album was directly influenced by “Entangled” from the Genesis album A Trick of the Tail. Garvey has also said “there’d be no Elbow without Radiohead”. He credits the band’s sense of dynamics to the influence of Talk Talk and has said: “Volume dynamics are an essential part of classical music, but a lost art with guitar music. I think it’s incredibly boring and shortsighted if a band sticks with just one sound song for song. An album should take people on a journey.”

Next up is ‘And it Snowed’……………….beautiful rythms……


On 6 December 2016, Elbow released further details of the new record. It was revealed the title was Little Fictions, and that it would be released on CD, on vinyl, for digital download, and as a limited edition boxset, all available through their webstore. The lead single, “Magnificent (She Says)”, was debuted on Jo Whiley’s BBC Radio 2 show, and later added to the Elbow YouTube page. On 10 February 2017 “Little Fictions” reached number 1 on the UK charts, making the record their second to top the charts.

This next track from Elbow is another of my top favorites………called ‘Real Life Angel’……..hope you will like it 🙂



Manchester is a permanent presence in the history of the band and their music. It’s people and their stories permeate Guy Garvey’s lyrics, the band record and produce their music within Salford’s Blueprint Studios, the area’s buildings and landmarks appear across elbow’s songs throughout their albums. This grounding is a key to understanding the band. Never part of a scene or defined by their peers, Elbow have consistently followed their own muse, talking of progressive music when it was at its least fashionable, eschewing the easy route to create and maintain a legacy that now stands as one of the most permanent and impressive in contemporary music.

Ending today for the last song……..’K2′ from their ‘Little Fictions’ album……..enjoy…:)




Nothing compares to music………………:)

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