Pune diaries…..a remembrance…part 1.

A brief intro…….

Pune diaries will deal with a heart warming story of misunderstanding, love and lost love………will come to you in parts……will try to complete it in fewer parts though……:)…..for long I have felt an urge to pen down this story….but couldn’t build up the courage to do so since I am not a regular writer and have zero training and experience[rather than few words in this blog since last few months] in writing……but will give it an honest try……

Part 1.

It is another winter evening in Calcutta in November 1999 like many other. The chill is comfortable, keeping the entire city under a beautiful halo of soft winter winds…….and usually everybody enjoyed this welcome of winter like every year….

Ajay, our protagonist, worked in this private Bank as an Officer in the Forex department. Single, very committed to his work, very popular in office had always been smart enough to work his way around, and accomplish any task that might be entrusted to him. And he had no complains whatsoever about his workplace nor with the pay package. His earnings were sufficient in those days to give a decent support at home and for his own pocket expenses.

So, like many other winter evenings, Ajay returned home that Friday around 7-45 in the evening. After a brief chat with his parents like every other day, he sat down at his desktop with no specific purpose and turned the network on. His interests were very few little…..music as always been his favourite, and fiddling around with his desktop, and hanging out with friends as most average 20 somethings usually do…..these are very few activities which took much of his time besides offfice……………so with no specific aim, he opened his desktop that evening also…….

Those days, Ajay was kind of restless with one thing…..being a single child, sometimes this melancholy feeling  of staying single was becoming a little bit tiring……and he was yearning for that companion with whom he will be able to share much of his life and feel that touch of the happiness called love…….the thing which has eluded him some how since long. But he was not desperate as most of his other protagonists those days were……being a very true Capricorn, he is a patient campaigner, he is an honest bloke, a little introvert at times but very stubborn when it comes to pursuing anything that he set his mind on…….but he was not desperate for love…instead he had learnt to wait for that right moment to come…….:)

To be continued………..

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