Pune diaries…..a remembrance…part 3.

Pune diaries…..a remembrance…part 2.


Woke up early next morning…….the usual tea and breakfast, a quick hello with his dad……as his dad usually left for office a bit early, senior banker……while his mom, the housewife as every day concentrated on completing preparing the breakfast and the quick brunch for both the banker men, didn’t notice anything unusual with Ajay…….even though he was trembling with a curious excitement, he didn’t show it on the unusual and quite well controlled and remained as usual……..and he knew he will have to wait till evening after he returned from office to find out the fate of his little straight forward invitation to Ms. Thomas……..no, his office didn’t allow him to check mail online as restricted in most offices…..

The whole day at his office was usual, busy and challenging as always. Banking job takes much of your attention on the job itself, as working with public money and looking after it requires responsibility and total focus and concentration. And, Ajay was serious in his role in the bank……he was real good at his work. Yet, his mind today was restless, he couldn’t understand it though, but he was really waiting to get back home and to sit on his desktop. He didn’t mention anything to his friends or colleagues. He wanted to keep it as a secret of his own…..:)

His journey back home was uneventful, tiring evening commute through the busy office goer traffic as usual. By the time he entered home, his dad was already home. 

‘So, how was the rush at bank today?’……asked senior Mr. Ajay to his son. ‘It was usual, papa…..nothing special’…….came Ajay’s reply. 

Got freshened up, and sat down for a late evening snacks with chai with his parents……this was quite regular in the Sircar family…..this was that part of the day when the family sat together and caught up on many things for the day…..and assured each other of their presence with the human contact we are slowly missing these days…….


To be continued………

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