Compassion….not a fiction…

Is being kind to your fellow beings that difficult….?……..thinking in that line might be difficult to many, but practicing it is not that difficult………yes….it’s no fiction either….

Great men and women in this world had sacrificed lots to show compassion and dedication their lives to kindness for ever and set examples to us…….and we know many of these great souls and follow them………… me, if we all decide to be compassionate towards each other, we will not only enrich others’ lives, we will enrich ourselves too…..:)


In a world so much intolerant and unnecessary hatred is currently ruling…….being kind and compassionate is very truly the solution…….is it that difficult to even hope and like the feeling that everyone should live in peace and happiness under the protective covers of compassion……?…, it is not…… is the very basis of the sacrifice of our great role models who had laid the path for all of us to follow……

Just simple acts of kindness on a daily basis can make life much more easy, beautiful and exciting for everyone instead of becoming hostile to each other at every drop of a hat.



Wow, just think how wonderful it will be to go out and help each other in every situation rather than judging people on so many factors which we are quite expert at finding, and also don’t allow anyone to divide the societies based on hatred to each other.

Kindness, is not an act of advertisement, it is a natural act to practice without any announcement…… has to come right from the heart……to everyone and everything……and the world will be an amazingly beautiful place much more to live than it already is.


Pic Credits: Pinterest……

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