Music of Sóley…another Icelandic gem….

I know, you must be wondering why I write about Icelandic bands and artists so often….:)…it’s that their simple, cathartic, beautiful, very atmospheric landscape songs resonates to my inner senses and peace and my love for such beautiful music……….:)

Our today’s artist Sóley Stefánsdóttir, better known simply as Sóley, is an Icelandic multi instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. 

Her beautiful smile tells everything about her music… she writes, sings, records her songs under her name, and almost do everything herself including playing instruments, it’s the simple landscapes she creates is something you can hardly miss………:)


Today we are going to listen some of her songs from various albums she has come up till now…….and will get to know her music……from the lands of Iceland….

First up Pretty Face…….



The combination of clear, gently piercing and reverbed vocals, piano, and buried glitch beats on “I’ll Drown” shows that from the start Seabear member Sóley Stefánsdóttir is working in her own particular tradition of avant pop, emphasis on the pop — a very 21st century combination that couldn’t have quite existed before that moment but at the same time has clear roots in the past. The sense of mournful elegance and quiet joys continues throughout We Sink, Sóley‘s singing half-sweet naif, half-contemplation over an understated variety of arrangements and textures.


Next…..her take on Halloween……..hope you will enjoy this one…..:)



Sóley was born in Hafnarfjörður, a small town outside of Reykjavík. She finds her writing inspiration mostly from poets and comes from a musical family, with her father being a trombone player and music teacher. Her younger brother, Eiríkur, and younger sister both play instruments too.

Lately she moved to the capital, and lives with her husband, Héðinn Finnson. She took a brief break from recording and touring when she gave birth to her first daughter in March 2014. Sóley is vegan since her daughter was born.


“In our dreams our breaths will fade out So pack your soul…let’s sail this ship down But stay away from the dreamers They take your heartbeat…and slow it down”

This is Dreamers………..


Next up is Grow……from her new album published in March this year…..


Lastly, one of my top favs from her…….:)


Hope you liked the music from Sóley……….:)


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