Buddha…..the universal phenomenon…

Yes, Buddha is the universal phenomenon that reigns supreme in the much more simpler ways in everybody’s lives……and that is amazing…..

For me, I am becoming far more amazed at my daily discoveries of the Buddha, his life, his teachings, his relevance in these modern times much more and the entire persona which can easily put even the stormiest minds to rest…..


The transformation of Siddhartha to Goutama Buddha has been the most sought after discoveries for humans the world over. Complete self involvement in deep meditation is present in other religions and myths too…..but attaining nirvana through mindful meditation for such a long time and formulating the path of eternal calm and happiness for the betterment of fellow beings has been the highlight of Buddha and his life……..

And to our amazement, in these modern times we find such stark similarity and relevance of Buddhist teachings in our daily lives, where peace and tranquility are becoming a luxury, and the negativities of the ever demanding lives are taking over our minds. It is of great significance that today almost in every home in majority of human life across the world, we find the presence of the Buddha in some form or the other. People, particularly very religious people who are dedicated followers of their own respective religions are also finding relevance and solace in Buddhism, and just the presence of the calm, tranquil, peaceful[both in happiness and pain] Buddha in their homes is an unavoidable evidence of the growing dependence on the universal ascetic and his healing touch…………………


And even the little Buddha mischievously reminds us to be silent when troubled storms are so keen on creating havoc, to be patiently calm and wear it out for happiness to come and fill our lives……….:)

Buddha is the refuge in every situation, positive and negative, and to keep the mind away from the all the attachments in a way as to not get hurt when things don’t work out……..

No worry……..no pain…..no expectation……no negative feelings…….no fear……….no greed…….no harm………

Just, greatfulness and kindness for all………the keys to eternal happiness……:)


4 thoughts on “Buddha…..the universal phenomenon…

  1. Suzanne

    Your post reminds me that I really must turn off my computer and enter the silence of meditation. I love your photo of the Buddha on the window sill and the tranquil view beyond. How tranquil it must be to spend time in such a place.

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    1. Anindya

      Thank you Suzanne….yes,I have discovered the tranquil effects of meditation too…..just for a few minutes everyday…….it helps us in our daily lives to remain calm and happy in any situation…..:)….proud to be born in a country which has given Buddhism to the world….and he is a true phenomenon….

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      1. Suzanne

        Absolutely – I find I need to spend some time in Meditation every day. I visited India when I was in my early 20s and went to Bodh Gaya where Buddha became enlightened. That visit is still a big influence on my spiritual path.

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