The Lost City of Z… engrossing tale…

It will not be right to not do this review. I have watched the movie on it’s opening day here in India. Indeed it has been an engrossing quarter to three hours glued to the seat at IMAX and enjoy this grand spectacle… it left quite a mark on my mind after I left the movie hall, I decided to share my views with you.

For all those who have already watched this movie and also for those who haven’t watched it till now, this movie is based on the book in the same name written by David Grann. I haven’t read the book, so shall not talk about it…..but the movie pretty much sums up the book wonderfully……

z city


The story is about British army officer Percy Fawcett primarily and his family of wife and three children, two of them born during the course of the story. On specific request from the Royal Geographic Society, London, Percy went to the deepest Amazon jungles to map Bolivia for searching rubber plantations. Fighting in adversities of the harsh yet surreal surroundings of the dense Amazon basin including sharp poisoned arrow strikes from cannibal tribes, Percy and his co adventurers stumbled upon various pottery and other artifacts in the jungles thereby sending the message of the possible existence of an ancient city and civilisation probably much more earlier than the Britishers ever existed. And Percy, this lost city became Z and his obsession which he took back to the RGS back to London and persuaded the officials for a second expedition to the jungles in search of this lost city……………

But this came at a price…..of leaving his wife and son back there in London for many years on their devices to carry out their lives, while he went after his obsession in several failed attempts. The captures in the movie of all this turmoil and emotions becoming tense in the family have been very realistic, touching, with some stellar performances from Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller with Tom Holland in the role of Jack Fawcett, the elder son of Percy. Presence of Robert Pattinson in the character of Henry Costin, the co adventurer of Percy, is remarkable. The jungle scenes are naturalistic to the core with the tribal presence, the locales, the river basin, the natural sounds of various living beings in the dense forests are breathtaking. Even some short war scenes during World War 1 have been master craft from director James Gray.

z city2

On the final attempt, the much more senior Percy Fawcett decides to go back at specific requests from his grown up son Jack who was eager to accompany him……Jack had to reason this out with his mother and he did, with little choice left to his mother……here also Sienna Miller’s acting stands out…………..and I was deeply moved by the scene where the only girl child among the siblings ran after the car carrying her father and elder brother on an unknown journey for God knows how longer a duration……little she knew that this will be the last that she will ever see her father and brother again………

Percy and Jack went into the jungles where they got captured by two different tribal groups……….the last tribal group drugged them and carried them into their village………

The father and son duo never came back……….but they claimed by sending specific messages to back home that they have found the lost city. Search operations were undertaken, but with failure.

The ending credits of the movie are with surprises……….

This is a haunting tale of ambition, sacrifice, obsession of an explorer in search of the unknown…… many more explorers in time to come………….the book must be amazing if the movie based on it is already…….

My verdict……not to be missed at all…….

z city1


Here’s a short snippet of the same including the soundtrack………go watch it….

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