Coldplay….Kaleidoscope…new EP

Yes, for all music fans and for fans of Coldplay, much to our joy and happiness, the band has released their new EP Kaleidoscope for pre order with already two songs being released from it………so here’s a look at how it is shaping up…..


The band has already established their name in the music world as a constantly evolving band with their unique alternative indie rock folk pop acoustic sound and won hearts in millions the world over. Chris Martin’s unique song writing ability coupled with some great guitar and drum works from the band members and memorable tunes have made their fans wanting more and waiting for more. As they play to packed houses filling stadiums after stadiums the world over, their studio albums and EPs bear the unique credentials of becoming classics for many more years to come. 

Even if their last studio album Head full of Dreams was supposed to be the last one before the band could ever think of hitting the studios again and taking a hiatus in between, much to the “wows” of fans, their writing of new music in the form of Kaleidoscope EP has given great hopes that there’s going to be more of their music in the future times to come……..and that’s what we all want……we want Coldplay to make more music, more stadium filling anthems that we can enjoy at any time of the day….everyday……:)

And already the two songs Hypnotised and All I can think about is you, released from this upcoming EP, sounds grand, unique, anthemic, cathartic……..and I am already listening to them in repeats. Boy, they sure know how to come up such fantastic tunes over and over again. While Hypnotised has this very sweet, hypnotic, everyday simplistic tune, All I Can is a grand offering, soaring guitar and drum routines with amazing lead from Johny Buckland, and the ever magnetic Chris Martin voice and it is going to be one of the biggest anthems of the band as they start playing it in venues the world over…….and I carry the same feeling too.

Let us listen to them  without further prose…….and share the songs and the beauty in it…..



Hope you will like the songs as much as I do…..:)

Viva Coldplay……rock on……

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