Dunkirk…..my take…



Friday, the 21st of July, the latest from Chris Nolan set for a release here in India and worlwide, and I had planned to see it on the very first day…..was really eager to watch it, being a Nolan fan. And with the same expectation of something brilliant in the lines of Inception and Interstellar, I hit the theater in the evening show. In the plush interiors of Insignia with recliners and state of the art audio visual technology, and with almost all seats occupied with eager movie goers, I felt that excitement and suspense in anticipation of the movie to start…..Dunkirk…

Boy…what a delivery….Nolan did everything in perfection, in style, in minute details…..everything which suffices to get the audience immersed in the movie itself…..and the same thing happened with me. The beauty of every classic movie is in it’s lesser involvement with technology, unique story line, performance of the cast, cinematography, dialogues, individual as well as group performances in unison and a relevant background score……and in all these areas, Dunkirk scores a perfect 10 out of 10, according to my experience.

Special thanks to Hans Zimmer for creating a gorgeous, tense, suspense filled, thought provoking, emotional background score, very relevant to period war story…..will hope that he will be suitably awarded for this score as well as Nolan for the movie in international arenas.

The first uniqueness of the movie is that this is no war movie even though it deals with the greatest evacuation of stranded British soldiers during the second world war from the German forces onslaught, the deadliest of all onslaught………….the movie does not do with fighting scenes, there is no direct confrontation between forces, no mention of the real enemies apart from just the few planes creating havoc on the Dunkirk beaches and across the channels with their clinical bombing on the almost hapless trapped soldiers and their rescuer ships…….apart from this, Nolan very skilfully avoided any real mention of fighting in any form. The only fighting we see is the a handful of British fighter pilots in a deadly dogfight in the air to bring the enemy planes before they can drop their bombs on the allied soldiers……and boy, once again, watching those air fights, I felt myself in the pilots cockpit and watching it live in the air, in virtual reality without the glasses……that’s the mastery of the cinematography in IMAX technology…….sitting in the movie hall, the tense situations were felt in letter and spirits just as they way Chris Nolan wanted his audience to…….

It is the story of a concentrated effort of the British people to bring back their sons of the soil and other allied forces back from Dunkirk unharmed, and that was the constant theme of the movie……Nolan concentrated on the emotional aspect of the stranded soldiers and their constant struggle within themselves whether to leave the beaches dead or alive…..and the suspense, the agony, the drama, the sad loss of many lives in the bombing of the rescue vessels, and sniper bullets from the land, the dogfight in the air, the political dilemma in the capital, and the valiant effort of the commoner vessels in the rescue mission as per the call of the land……..I felt everything in awe sitting for the two and half hours……and while leaving, the emotion felt was for the heroic soldiers and the commoners, while they arrived safely across the channel to home…….

Special mention to Tom Hardy, playing the lone British fighter pilot with a never say die attitude, did his acting through his eyes, and did it brilliantly…….and the last act of setting fire to his plane and getting himself captured by the enemy, stole the show…….job well done.

We need more and more talents like Christopher Nolan in the movie industry to give us classic movies, to take the risk of giving different narratives of conventional topics, and detailing a movie the way Nolan did………I feel Dunkirk is Chris Nolan’s best till date, and we will all hope more and more brilliant movies from him in the future…

It’s a must watch both in the big screen and the home entertainment arena…..and hoping the film get some recognition in the award ceremonies upcoming this year and future……..

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