My August Musings – Diary 14.08.2019

It’s been quite some time that I have written in this blog of mine. I remember when I created this one, this was one of my most liked activity since I was being able to share primarily my favorite music with you all, along with whatever else I wished to write and share about. Tat’s why it feels great to be back again on Musicalsoundscapes, and being able to share some of my musical likes and musings with you.

Last month, I lost my Grandmother. At age 90, she was already suffering from several ailments. Finally, on one Wednesday n the last week of July, she breathed her last. It had been difficult for me and my mother and all else in the family to deal with it, also more when I had to do the final rites, as in our Hindu traditions in our country. It has been intriguing for me to figure how a life lived for 90 years can end just in one day, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

This singular incident of July has carried forward in August for me. The house is still in mourning. I hope it will take some time for my mother to finally accept the loss and get over it and move on.

August has also been a wet month for us here in India. There has been serious and heavy rainfall in many parts of the country, creating havoc with life and everything else. But these rains are somewhat welcome also after some hard hitting warm months and very hot weather. Yesterday and today it has been raining quite a bit here in my home city Calcutta. The weather has somewhat cooled down drastically.

I have been listening to lots of instrumental music these days and currently trying to go through the music of the band Hammock. And I am getting immersed into the dreamy world of the music created this American post rock outfit, well known for their sweeping envelopes of ethereal instrumental pieces, quite grand in nature. I will leave you today with some music from the band for you to get immersed in 🙂

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