These Lockdown Days And Some Words

Wow. It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything in my blogs. While I had to give away one of my blogs which I tried to keep but couldn’t due to various factors, I still have this old blog of mine as some of you will be aware of. And this is where I have finally decided to renew my writing journeys and see where we can go from here 🙂

One major event that happened to me and my family is that I lost my father on the 13th of March.

He was suffering from respiratory problems and we fought all together to get him out of it, but God had some other plans. And even before understanding where we all gone wrong, my Dad left us. And the days since have never been the same. Lots of memories, lots of images, moments and the overwhelming urge to wish to get him back with us for few more years have completely overtaken our minds. While wishing him peace in rest, our hearts will ever be heavy.

Lockdown Days At Home From My Bedside Window

And this also happened when the whole world has gone into an eternal doom with the invisible threat that has suddenly sprung up on us from the last coupe of months. As more and more of our fellow citizens all around the world are falling into the world of suffering, while some are reviving too much to our relief, here in my home city Kolkata in India, we are in total 100% lock down.

This lock down is required too, thanks to our Government’s prompt action, decisive will be the right word. We are fully abiding by it, well some of us actually, and hoping that the number curve will go down and the situation will somewhere come under some sanity. Though it will take quite a long time, that we know for sure. And I know, almost all of you are staying home and going through the lock down, and by doing that you are keeping safe and thus helping the health workers and medical personnel to a great extent.

Photo by Carlos Lindner on Unsplash

For the last three days, the weather has changed quite a bit here in my home city. There’s a depression over the Bay Of Bengal and that is bringing some good amount of rain and cold winds. A little April rain has already refreshed the greenery all around. Though due to the covid lockdowns, the overall natural world of ours has undergone quite a bit of change into the better with cleaner surroundings and smoke free skies 🙂 And the Gangetic depression is sure to bring more rains this weekend. So lots of rainy lock down days ahead 🙂

With such long holidays due to covid, I am deeply into reading, watching movies. What to do ? With Dad not there, whenever I am trying to listen to some music, a deep sadness is overtaking the mind, though I have always said and believed that music is the best healer. Hopefully, I will come back into the groove and get on with life sooner. And in every of such moments, Dad will always be there with us.

Will share some music with you all, and wait for my next chapter of musings soon. We will connect then. Let me know in the comments section, how you are holding on in these lock down days. Will hope to read all of your stories 🙂 Take care.

Evangeline By Bear’s Den

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