Lockdown Diary Entry Dated 12.05.2020

From my terrace, taken on my handphone

As the whole world is passing through this pause session in many parts, almost to a total standstill, respecting the lock down orders by various Governments, here in my home town too, the situation is much the same.

It’s almost the whole surroundings have come to a death deafening silence. The only sounds that we have the luxury to listen are various other living organisms other than humans making their presence felt. Particularly, the birds have become very vocal now 🙂 Their moods and expressions are the new found blessings for us almost throughout the days and nights.

Such is the relaxed environment that I am currently in this afternoon at 3.40 pm on this 12th of May. Outside it is 35 to 36 degrees warm, the air is sunny hot, but there’s a freshness in the air, thanks to the almost closure of any kind of air pollution happening now. How good it would have been to have such lock downs almost every year for a month at least, just to clean up the Earth. Wishful thinking ? !! :):)

Photo by Free Nature Stock from StockSnap
Songs by Magne Furuholmen from A Ha.

In this uncertain times while we all are fighting this invisible threat at our doorsteps, every bit of precaution that we take seems to be less, and this feeling of fear and anxiety is creeping in quite naturally. Still, life has to go on. As bills will have to be paid, groceries will need to be collected, utilities need to be refilled, loved ones will have to be taken care of, office work if any is there will have to be done with due precautions, and in whatever we do, social distancing will have to be maintained. Because, there is no cure to this threat, till now.

But trust me, like you, I am also eager to go out again, to watch that movie, or to sip coffee in that little coffee shop round the corner of the street, or catch some plays, concerts, or just plain visit family members, neighbors, friends and just get on with life. Currently, that doesn’t seem to be the order of the day, and we do not have any choice, but to comply. Keep yourself safe and thus keep everyone safe, that is the mantra.

These last few days I have been reading some books from Amazon on my Kindle, some Blake Pierce psycho thrillers, Lee Child and others. I have always been a mystery, thriller, crime story fan, and that dominates my library. Hoping to finish the next three within this week. The other activities keeping me busy are music as usual, rooftop walking in the evenings, catching up with movies on the tube, and lots of phone calls to keep connected with the rest of the world 🙂 Would love to hear how you are going through your days. Do comment and let me know in the comment section. It will be always great to read about your lock down diary. Leaving you all with some music, wishing you safe health, bye for now 🙂

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