White Lies : Recommended Band This Week

It’s been almost a year since I have last written to you all, in the lock down diaries somewhere in May which you might want to check out here. Yes, I have not been in the right frame of mind all these months to continue with writing any thing more for this blog. Many of you will know that it happens, to many. Sometimes, we all take these self induced breaks to just get our minds away from the entire process. Life’s a complex collection of processes which sometimes become unavoidable. We get somehow caught up in it.

Well, even in these break periods somethings have not left me completely, and music as many of you know is one which will never leave me, no matter what. So, I have been listening to lots of stuff, new bands and old ones too. Having been shifted from Google Music to Youtube Music Premium, my music taste stays more or less similar.

That’s where I got introduced to this British Indie pop band called White Lies. And after few listens of their albums and songs, thought abut sharing their music with you all.

White Lies

Picture Credit Google

So, who are White Lies ? They are an Indie pop band from Ealing, London. Formed in 2007, the band consists of

With catchy hooks and synth pop based sound the band promises to capture a concrete place in the Indie pop rock space with already four big albums to their credit. While Harry Mcveigh’s deep rich gothic voice provides the formidable sound of this band, the band;s sound is suitably matured by the other members.

Mainly inspired by post punk sound, the band has created their unique sound, much darker, sophisticated and with thoughtful song writing. Their latest album Five which came out in 2019 is a worthy follow up to their big albums, namely Friends, Big TV and To Lose My Life.

Recommended reading on White Lies : https://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/feb/08/white-lies-live-review

With songs like Time To Give, First Time Caller, Bigger Than Us, the band’s powerful sound cannot be missed, energetic, stadium filling anthems and intensely uplifting, you will find something to cheer about in every White Lies album. Here’s one song for you all you might want to check out.

White Lies – Bigger Than Us

I have a playlist of White Lies songs you might want to check out here.

Thanks for visiting till next time. Hope all of you are doing well in these crazy times. Stay safe.

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