Has The Pandemic Actually United Us ?

As we have started this New Year with renewed hope that this will be the year for a bounce back, or rather a turn around from the horrors of the previous year, one question has been cropping up in my mind quite frequently lately.

Has the pandemic actually united us in real sense ?

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

I think you will all agree with me that it really has. Just a micro tiny particle in it’s smallest existence has actually been successful in vanishing the great divide that we all knew existed among mankind. At least to certain levels and limits.

The pandemic has taught us to be more respectful towards each other and to ourselves. The masks, sanitizers, hand washing, social distancing and every other caution has actually wiped away the differences between the haves and the have not. Suddenly the so called upper levels of the society, the VIPs, the celebrities, the who’s who of the richest strata seems to be far more accessible, to be far more grounded than ever before. The masks have given the most universally equal and same identities to the entire mankind, making them equally humble and far more involved and pro active in coming out and helping others. For the first time we have actually accepted that we are on the verge of being the most vulnerable of the species to get exposed to the deadliest predators. And trust me, this is not the last, as we should be prepared for many more such invasions in the future.

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on Pexels.com

Life is beautiful and it will always present us with ample opportunities to be triumphant over evils and enemies, thus allowing us to be more compassionate and considerate towards each other and fight any exigencies in a truly unified way 🙂

If you can, please do share your success stories in fighting the pandemic in a unified way and do let me know whether you agree that whether this pandemic has actually united us or not. Till next time, stay safe and keep fighting.

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