Mask Up People : Is It That Hard ?!!

I am compelled to write this one. So I will keep it short and to the point for all those of you who are reading this.

The last few months coming into this year 2021 has shown us the writing on the wall pretty loud and clear. That is, Covid is here to stay and not leaving any soon from our favorite home, Earth. And this massive alien invasion is wrecking havoc among us, feeding us in at will and merry.

Last year has been the most difficult year for all of us in many ways and in many years we have faced before, and that is all due to this deadly new visitor at our doorsteps or rather to say in our nostrils. We have lost many, loved ones, fellow citizens, in millions throughout the world. We have endured the wrath of destruction of our vital organs in many myriad ways, making us weaker than before because of this virus. We know all this, right ?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

So, if we all know this, then we should not have forgotten that every virus comes back with mutations i.e. copies, upgraded ones, more powerful, more deadly, with more and more versions. And that is exactly we are facing currently right now. The dreaded second wave of Covid 19, it is engulfing countries like fireflies.

In my home country India, we are already crossing the 3 lac marks of infection on a daily basis, and trust me, the situation is alarming.

So, what we do ? We just take it easy and go on with our lives in a normal or abnormal way, thinking that everything is okay ?? Come on people, we are not fools, are we ??!! I am seeing people on a daily basis just becoming so much casual and careless, and going out of their homes without wearing masks, as if there is no Covid at all around us. How can some of us be so naive to the threat and also be so much naive to the fact that masking up is the best way to prevent the deadly visitor from making us their favorite carrier ??!!

Stop it people, for God’s sake. Don’t endanger your own life as well as many lives around you. We all need to be extra cautious now much more when the infection rates are rising at an alarming rate. Yes, we have the vaccines in place and we thank to all the people who have made that possible after working for 24/7/365 for the last year and given us a shield against the virus. But, people, we must know that the vaccine doesn’t stop the spreading of the virus currently, and that the virus right now is in it’s second mutant stage and airborne, makes it far more deadly and potent than last year. Masking actually helps in stopping the spreading of the infection if we wear it properly covering our nose and mouth fully.

So, mask up people !! That is not so hard, and trust me, this little difficulty undertaken by all of us can actually beat the virus fair and square. There is no two way about it. Masking, hand washing and vaccines, the best three ways to beat the virus and thus keeping everyone safe.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Not wearing a mask in public should weigh heavily on our conscience, reminding us of our loved ones at home and also of all the fellow people around us wherever we are. Let’s keep us safe and not be carriers for spreading the virus to others. Mask up everyone, it’s for the collective good and let’s beat this virus.

Will end today with a favorite song of mine from Tears For Fears, a powerful and hard hitting one, for sure. Spread the word around and make people responsible for wearing their masks. Let me know what you feel in the comments below. Would love to know how you are masking up and saving the world. Thanks 🙂

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