Carly Lind Releases New Single “Crying In Public”

In my constant effort to show my support and encouragement new music artists, I try to promote new artists in whatever way I can. And doing that, today I am going to introduce you to upcoming pop artist Carly Lind and her new single “Crying In Public”.

Carly Lind is a pop artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles. She just released her first single of 2021 called “Crying in Public”. The track fuses country, pop, rock, and alt-rock textures that make for a catchy, holding musical character. It is melodic and brimming with acoustic elements giving off a gentle mood. Her voice has got smooth textures which upon further polish can get her a long way.

The lyrics come off as personal, heartfelt, and emotive. Musically it recalls the likes of The Corrs, Mandy Moore, and Alanis Morissette. She wrote this ballad about the grief she has dealt with after losing her mom and finding herself crying throughout the day in public places. If you aren’t familiar with Carly’s story, she lost both of her parents in a very short time frame and both were unexpected. This has left her with music being the only way she has been able to heal and try to move forward with her life without parents.

“I wrote this song with my good friend Brittney Spencer. We were both roommates on The Voice 13 and I remember sharing how I had lost my mom right before the show. I’d feel a wave of grief in the most random places and I finally came to accept that this would be something I had to embrace going forward. Then one day Brittney called me and said she wrote a chorus for me and I finished the song shortly after” explains Carly. She hopes people can relate to the song and that it will help them heal as well. 

Carly is originally from Shelton, Connecticut and now is based in Los Angeles. She got her start in music at an early age and attended the prestigious Berkley School of Music studying vocal performance. Since then, she has released several singles, partnered with major brands, and built up a following independently. She also has had the opportunity to work on several EDM tracks with notable producers and labels. Currently, she is working on several singles and collaborations that will be released over the next year so be sure to keep up with her on social media! 

So folks, give Carly Lind a shout out, support and encourage her efforts and let’s wish her the best in her upcoming creations. Connect with her here :





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