Jon Bryant Enthralls Listeners With Beautiful Songs Album After Album

It’s Sunday here in this part of my world in Kolkata, India where a two weeks lock down has started from today, and where the alien invasion of this deadly virus is taking a huge toll on all of us worldwide and here too, I find my peace and solace in the music I listen to and discover from time to time.

And that’s what brings me to introduce to all of you my latest find, [though he has been making music for quite some time now], Jon Bryant. Recently I came across couple of his songs on suggestion by Youtube Music Premium, and one listen to those songs led me to explore deeper. And I am thankful to God that I did that. I got immersed and enthralled by his music. I hope you will be too.

So, Who Is Jon Bryant ?

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Jon Bryant is a Canadian singer songwriter, native to Halifax now residing in Vancouver, British Columbia. In his own words, artists like him never want to get pigeon holed in any particular genre, and that’s what exactly what I feel about his music every time I listen and go through his albums. He is open to explore and try out different styles, but maintaining the high quality of his creations through thoughtful and soulful song writing, coupled with some amazing tunes that make his songs stand out and draw the listeners to a never ending world of pure bliss.

What drew me to his songs and music is the easy going, simplistic nature of the tunes, yet made special and outright gorgeous with Jon’s smooth vocals, mixed with some beautifully crafted analogue synths with guitars and some real lusty beats, making the songs amazing to listen and memorable. You can call them indie, folk, acoustic rock and also pop. But call them anything, you can’t miss the presence of his songs in your everyday routine, and you will surely love to carry the songs wherever you go with you.

Some Of My Favorite Songs And Albums From Jon Bryant

My Playlist With Few Of My Favorite Songs From Jon Bryant

The above playlist I shared contains some 10 odd songs from his discography, but I love almost 90 percent of his songs from all the albums he came up with till now. Bryant’s debut album, Two Coasts for Comfort, released on 29 October 2009, was iTunes Canada’s “Featured Singer/Songwriter Album of 2009” and garnered a 2011 East Coast Music Award nomination for “Folk Album of the Year”. He followed it up with two more albums in 2012 called What Takes You and in 2016 called Twenty Something. And listeners will very clearly see the changing styles of these three albums from purely acoustic folk to much more synth driven ambient indie folk in Twenty Something. But all these three albums will stand out for their sheer brilliance and the warmth of the songs therein.

Then came a phase in his life where he joined a cult. The stay was short and it helped him realize the mistake he made by joining it. The stay also inspired him to write his next album which he brought out in 2019 named Cult Classic. And an amazing piece of work it became, with songs like Paradise, Superstition, Party, At Home, I Saw You, to name a few.

Headphones by Jon Bryant

The above song Headphones is part of his 2020 EP Half Bad. And this song immediately struck chord with me, brilliantly crafted, just a simple cute love song, but the immersive sweetness of it is hard to miss. To follow up this Ep, he came up with another Ep, Back To Love. A collection of 6 songs of beauty with Hollow, Back To Love, Talk, to name a few, once again proves the brilliance and the uncanny knack of Jon Bryant to come up with soulful and touching songs that leave a lasting impression on the listeners’ minds.

Connect With Jon Bryant

Here’s one small interview of Jon Bryant that you might want to check out. Click here for it.

Connect with Jon Bryant here in his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Artists like Jon Bryant will be around for a long time to come and will enthrall listeners with their creations, I am pretty sure about it. So, share his songs, play them, enjoy the music. Will wait to hear from you all in the comments section below what are your feelings and experiences of being connected with the music of Jon Bryant. Till next time, thanks and stay safe.

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