How Am I Coping With My Mind In This Pandemic

Even when I start writing this one, we are into the second phase of this dreadful pandemic, Covid 19. My city Kolkata currently is under a lock down. And that reminds me of those long lock downs we were in last year too. And these lock downs and everything else that had happened and are happening right now are enough to play those real awful tricks on our minds. That’s exactly what I am going to talk about in short today in this post from my own experiences.

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I am not a mental health expert, nor I am professionally qualified to speak about the same, but can share with you somethings that I go through from my own life experiences, particularly in these pandemic times. And then I will tell you how I am coping with all these. Trust me when I say, many of us are in similar or even worse situations, and are surely finding our own ways of coping with our minds.

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So, What Is Troubling Me ?

The single most incident which shook me heavily and left me stranded last year was in March when I lost my father. From last week of February he became ill with breathing problems, and within two three weeks, in spite of treatments and medicines, his condition deteriorated and ultimately the fatal day came in third week of March. Even before we, at the family, were getting ready to figure out what was happening, we lost him. And that made me utterly lonely. Suddenly the ground beneath my feet and the sky above my head both moved, and left me hanging.

And then when that happened, out of the blue came the news of this dreaded virus hitting randomly, and the whole country went into a lock down. Life just stopped. Friends, family, relatives, colleagues all got separated, locked up in their homes. I started feeling more and more marooned, stranded, claustrophobic. The streets became empty, shops and establishments closed down, offices kept shut, the entire world seemed to lock itself up from an alien invasion.

On top of that, I was not having a regular job at that time. With Dad’s passing away, everything came upon me. The household expenses, looking after Mom and the rest of the family, including my son, who is just 12, and a whole lot much more. With everything shutting down, I felt I was going into a period of eternal doom, with no hope in sight. Many people in these last two years have lost their jobs, their businesses, their resources drying up, making more and more difficult to run things for them. And that is what I am still going through.

I lost my Dad last year. Then I lost my uncle, father in law and many other near and dear ones, friends since last year. As you will know and agree with me, our minds are the most complex machines which can either make us or break us. Since the pandemic, the only news you will get on television is of human misery, suffering and death. Even though sporadic news of hope, positiveness, fightback do come through from time to time, but the sufferings are much more, and we are losing people, on a daily basis. In such uncertain times, it becomes a challenge to cope up with and control your mind, and hang in there for better times to come.

So, what do you do ? Give in to hopelessness, misery and dejection ? Of course not. The last two years have taught me high and dry that I have to cope up with my mind, and keep it strong, to support family, friends and everyone around me as best I can.

So How Am I Coping With My Mind ?

  1. Even in terrible times, with hopelessness creeping in, I steadied my mind. I told myself in no uncertain terms, that I need to fight back, and that’s no one will help me out in this one. It is completely up to me to see these difficult times through. I talked to myself internally all the times, that I need to take control of the home, the people in it, and work my way up with whatever I have. Telling your mind not to give up it’s the first and the most important step to take control of bad situations. Remember, our minds will be put to test over and over again, with situations that will creep up on us suddenly. Breaking down is natural, but coming out of it is definitely in our hands.
  2. My mind works best with music around. Music has been with me for many years now. And in every situation, music has kept my mind within my grasp and I am forever indebted to it. When you are sad, down, dejected, feeling nothing is going right and getting into a phase where all these negative feelings taking control of your minds, it’s best to turn to things you actually love, and I bet majority of us love our music. For me, it’s life. It gives me the energy to fight and get back up on my feet.
  3. I turn to positive reading whenever my mind is taking a heavy toll of situations. Books, can pick you up from wherever you have fallen, and provide you the launching pad towards taking on life and coming out a winner.
  4. Last year for many weeks after my Dad passed away, I was having trouble sleeping at night. Feelings of anxiety and fear about an uncertain future was consuming my mind. I needed good night’s sleep. This is very essential in fighting Covid too. Cutting down on rich food with spices, shifting to much more healthy food, taking lots of water and fluids throughout the day, and also regular walks improved my sleeping. And trust me, if you are sleeping well, you are taking control of your mind, keeping it fresh and healthy to fight off negative feelings. And that’s exactly what I experienced for me.


I am keeping positive. I have realized that there is no other way. I have understood that life and death are just not something we plan, they just happen. What we can do is to live the life the best we can, crossing the hurdles, facing the challenges as they come, and keep ourselves prepared for tomorrow. And keeping our mind in control is the only way to keep things right, even when nothing seems to be right. I know, many of us have our own stories to tell during this pandemic. Tell me yours in the comment section below, if you want. Would love to hear them. Till then, stay safe, physically and mentally, ride out the storm, better days are coming soon.

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