Novak Djokovic : A Fighter, A True Champion

Yes, Novak Djokovic, the Serbian Tennis superstar is indeed a fighter, a true champion and a superhuman, and yes, I am big fan of his. Just two days back, he conquered the French Open at the historic Roland Garros and touched another champion Rafael Nadal’s 19 Grand Slam win record. Both of them are now just one Grand Slam Championship win away from touching the record 20 wins by another legend, the great Roger Federer.

You probably already know all this, I know :). But what I will try to say here, like many other fans of the game, That I am awestruck at the spirit and the mental attitude of these great Champions, talking specifically here about Novak Djokovic. As all Grand Slams, this year’s French Open was also a tough draw for many players, both young and the already established ones. With Roger Federer bowing out early due to his knee injury, the tournament’s biggest draws naturally rested on the shoulders of the greats Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

And, Novak stood out the winner at the end. A real deserving one, at that.

I will specifically talk about the last three matches he played before the trophy win. The Quarter final against a flamboyant Young gun from Italy, Matteo Berrettini, was the toughest challenge he faced in terms of the quality of the shots played in that match. Berrettini gunned down aces at ease, and his ground shots were coming at Novak at blistering speeds. It’s tough for any player to maintain the same energy level for 3 to 4 hours and run from one end of the court to another, defending and attacking to find those precious winners, and getting the coveted win at the end. Novak showed to the world what character he is made of. Even at times during this match he showed lots of emotions, but he never gave up, and till his last drop of energy left in him, he tamed the young Italian in style. His indomitable fighting spirit and the ability to turn difficult situations in his favor is something of real inspiration not just only to sports persons, but also to all of us.

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After this real tough match was conquered, Novak was up against his long time friend and the most fearsome competitor, and a master of clay court, the big Spaniard with a great heart, Rafael Nadal. Nadal has an impressive record in clay court, with 14 wins at the Roland Garros. But, this 15th time, his journey ended while facing the Word No.1, Novak Djokovic. Novak, showed to the world why he is the number one player currently, while he tamed the Spanish bull in clinical fashion. Even with going down in the first set, he played inspirational tennis, and ran around all over the court to defend and attack the big Spaniard with his precision passes. Rafael realised soon it was not his day, and that Novak was eyeing his 19th Grand Slam trophy. And nothing could stop him in his path, not even the great Rafael Nadal. Novak showed character and style, he kept getting better and better as the game progressed, and he was on his way.

With the semi final conquered, what remained was the ultimate match, the final. And we thought, with Nadal conquered, it will be fairly easy for Novak to seal the final against another Young gun from Greece, Stephanos Tsitsipas. But, was it easy ? No man, it was not !!

The start was shaky. He lost both the sets in no time. The young Greek started with a big heart, and played some blistering tennis to keep the World No.1 under control. And we were a little wide eyed !! This is not how Novak Djokovic plays generally. Did the semi final marathon against Nadal take it’s toll on the world champion ? Soon, he proved us wrong and told us that the match was not over. From the third set, he took control, rectified those areas that got him down in the first two sets, and then started out in true championship style. And kept getting better and better, and showed the young gun from Greece, that his time was yet to come. The present belonged to Novak, and he took the next three sets to lift the trophy. Once again, he showed to the entire world, what it takes to be a champion and hold on to that level year after year.

So, is that the look of a Champion ? Sure, it is. Greats like Novak Djokovic will rule the world of tennis for long and will continue to inspire us with his indomitable fighting spirit. His fighting spirit, is a true example of his mental strength, his never say die attitude. And he cries out loud to us, never back down, never run away, never concede defeat without a fight.

And that’s why, he is a true Champion, a super human, a legend already of the game.

Let me know in the comments below anything you wish to say regarding fighting spirit, and anything you feel about the legends of the game.

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8 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic : A Fighter, A True Champion

  1. To be honest, I am not a fan of the game, and yet reading your post made me feel all the emotions of the wins. He indeed deserves to be the number one. Your love for the game is quite prominent from this blog 🙂


  2. Novak has unimaginable internal strength. That is what makes him the champion that he is. Not a big Novak fan because I am a die hard Nadal supporter but yes, he is surely close to becoming the greatest super star of Tennis.


    1. Very true Aesha…..though I am a fan of Nadal as well, but I think Novak has a fighting spirit unmatched by many……he surely has a long road ahead of him…..


  3. I’m a huge tennis fan and I so think Djokovic is truly special. You have brought his championship qualities in layman language to make it easy for non-fans to see his greatness! He is a great tennis player and a kind human being.

    Liked by 1 person

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