Rainy Day Diary And Some Songs

It’s Raining Two Days Now

Yep, it’s been raining here since the last two days. And the rains have announced that the monsoon may be is finally here. And that prompted me to write my online dairy. Maybe it’s out of sheer joy that the hot sticky summer days are somewhat over for now.


What Do You Love The Most Of Rainy Days ?

I think you will agree with me that personal blogs give you the freedom to write about almost anything that you wish to. Since you don’t follow any particular niche, you can just blabber about anything and everything under the sun. And trust me, that gives your readers much variety if they wish for such things ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what you love the most to do particularly on those days when it’s raining in a slow and never ending rhythm outside your windows if you are really at home ? I don’t know about you, but if you ask me, then I love to play my favorite songs, or almost any music that soothes my ears. I love rainy days, and the music that can be played while watching the rains falling all around you ๐Ÿ™‚

Wait, I will share some songs with you all. It’s still raining outside here in my home city Calcutta. But before that I will show you some of my terrace plants which took some real fresh rain water yesterday, and they were really sparkling fresh and clean in their rain soaked avatar ๐Ÿ™‚

Picture Credit : All Taken By Me

Some Songs I Have Been Listening To

An acoustic band I listen to called the Hollow Coves, has come out with a brand new album/EP called “Blessings”. I love their acoustic sound, and their songs soothe my ears as well as bring a kind of bliss, which becomes much more elevated on rainy days. Let’s hear one of their songs. Hope you will love this one.

Also along with this, I was browsing through the music of British singer songwriter Ben Howard, and there’s couple of songs I was listening to today. Here’s one of them. Though Ben Howard will be much more different than Hollow Coves and not so easy going, but you must try Ben Howard, he is a powerhouse of talent.

And there’s more songs to share and play. But not today, maybe some time later. My diary will continue. It’s 4.15 pm here and a silent lazy afternoon outside in this pandemic situation as we are more or less in a lock down situation still. I know, many of you are in home and working from there. But time to time, let’s enjoy the rains and spruce it up with some music. Happy and healthy stay to all of you.

By the way, I have taken up a challenge with Blogchatter to write 10 posts in 15 days, and I can tell you, that’s a great push to really write ๐Ÿ™‚ You can also join. Do click the link below and feel free to explore. โ€˜This post is a part ofย Blogchatter Half Marathon.โ€™

13 thoughts on “Rainy Day Diary And Some Songs

    1. Yes, rains and clouds bring a different dimension to our days, and yes my music choice is somewhat a little off the road from the mainstream……and I am discovering a big huge world of great music there from the lesser known creators….:)

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  2. Love the flowers on your terrace there! I’m in Calcutta too this monsoon and while I enjoyed the lovely rains last week, it has become muggy and clammy again. Hope it rains a bit again soon.

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