Blake Pierce : Mystery And Crime Novel Writer

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So, Who Is Blake Pierce ?

First of all, I must tell you that this is not a book review. I just wanted to share with you about the author of some real really gripping crime stories I have been reading lately. My Kindle is kind of having already 10 to 15 books from this author who uses the name of Blake Pierce.

Initially I admit I didn’t know who Blake Pierce really was. I thought “he” was some middle aged heavily bearded serious looking author [LoL] who had been writing crime novels for long. Looking at the sheer number of books already published under this name, such thinking was but natural.

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So, just imagine my nice surprise reaction when I found out that under the pseudonym of Blake Pierce is actually this happy smiling faced lovely lady called Stella Gold. And it all became quite clear to me after this revelation when I realized that almost all of her sleuths in her novels are female. And all of her sleuths are real smart in finding out the perpetrators in their own style. Trust me, I am really enjoying all the Blake Pierce or Stella Gold books. And I am sure you will love them too.

Books Of Blake Pierce

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These are just a few examples of the large number of crime and mystery stories under the banner of Blake Pierce. I have read already quite a number of stories from her THE RILEY PAIGE MYSTERY SERIES, THE AVERY BLACK MYSTERY SERIES, THE KERI LOCKE MYSTERY SERIES, THE CHLOE FINE PSYCHOLOGICAL SUSPENSE SERIES, and I can tell you without doubt that they will keep you hooked till the end. The stories are evenly paced, with lots of twists and turns, keeping the suspense and the mystery level to their best, will leave you satisfied at the end that you have actually solved the mysteries yourself with the sleuths.

Stella Gold has been a real gem and real kind hearted when she gave some of her stories free to purchase on Amazon during the pandemic period. But otherwise, all her stories are worth trying out and I highly recommend her stories. If you want more info or you wish to connect with her, try her at Do let me know in the comments section below which crime and mystery series you are currently into.

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14 thoughts on “Blake Pierce : Mystery And Crime Novel Writer

  1. Hey I love a good mystery story so thanks for introducing me to this new author. I will look her up too! Pen-names can be challenging for sure, I have also been surprised by romance authors who turn out to be men. Their books are good too. Our mindset has to change!

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  2. I have recently started exploring the mystery genre in novels. Definitely going to check her books. I get fascinated with authors and how their brain works. Sometimes reading about them gets as exciting as reading their books, isn’t it?. Pen names are fun 🙂

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