My Personal Diary Dated 21.06.21

Since the last time we talked on the 15th, not much has changed in this part of the world of mine. Only that from yesterday, the rains here have subsided a little, and today there’s a warm air in circulation due to the fact that the sun is showing from time to time throughout the day.

The Mid Week

The mid week activities centered around some work from home, as is fast becoming a permanent norm for many workers throughout the world, in these times. We are currently in a extended lock down till the end of this month here in Calcutta. Even though some offices are running with low percentage of work force, the public transport system is at a standstill, thus the movement of people are restricted to a large extant. In that scenario, your in house activities take up much of your daily time. My Thursday and Friday were uneventful. Apart from some catching up with old school pals, some window seat watching of the rains outside, some nice music to listen to, and some movies to catch up to in the tele, nothing much special happened. Read lot of blogs though. And that induced some new posts from myself too. The encouragement and the drive came from those blogs that I went through reading 🙂

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These long duration of home stays for many during lock down period since last year has been quite varied for different people. While some have meticulously planned their days how they wish to go about it channelizing every hour, and many on the other hand have not planned anything at all. Can you really have each day run to a fixed plan, maintaining every minute and every hour accordingly ? I doubt and I personally cannot stick to that :):) Thus, my mid weekdays and also the weekend went completely unplanned as such.

The Weekend

Though since last year, the concept of weekends has got a bit diluted, since now the whole week is an unannounced weekend for many of us :):). But still, the larger workforce still yearns and waits for that weekend, when there is supposed to be no work and all play. I didn’t do any sport though this weekend, but I watched one of my favorite sports on the television, that is Cricket, on this Saturday and Sunday. The World Test Championship final had started between India and New Zealand in England, and that provided quite a bit of entertainment, I must say. It’s a historic occasion for all fans, no doubt. And that will continue this week too.

Apart from that, there was a Jackie Chan action flick called Vanguard playing on Sunday in a movie channel, and that kept me entertained too :).

Going On From There

Yep, going on from there, I decided today to pen down the uneventful last few days in this personal blog diary of mine, and hoping to bore you all a little with this :):). But, you know, this diary thing is cool. And that we all must do it in some form or the other. There’s lot much cramped up in those tiny hearts of ours, and sometimes, they must come out. So, let me know how was your last few days and what all you did ? Would love to read those in the comments below. And as usual, till next time, stay safe and enjoy whatever you enjoy doing.

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