How To Deal With Your Mind In A Jobless Situation

I think most of you will agree with me that the above captioned subject of this post is currently one of the most burning topics among many, in this deep crisis situation the whole world is in. And that is, how you can deal or cope with your mind if you find yourself in job loss situation ?

When Do You Find Yourself In A Jobless Situation ?

Well, it can happen out of the blue, or can be the after effect of several situations, or you yourself can induce the same. Let’s see how such a situation of joblessness can happen to any of us.

  1. One fine day, you get a transfer order to a remote location. You don’t accept the order due to various reasons, mostly personal. The company refuses to change it. And you quit. You are out of a job in the blink of an eye.
  2. You thought the Company you were working for had a robust health condition, with steady demand and supply chain. One fine day, it can all fall down. And such is happening quite regularly since the last two years of pandemic and uncertainty. You lose your job, out of nowhere.
  3. Your Company’s clients shut their shops due to market uncertainty and volatility. Your company undergoes massive cost cutting to stay afloat, resulting in personnel cuts. And one find day, you get the slip. You are jobless from the next morning.
  4. One fine day, anything can happen in your personal space. Thus forcing you to make sudden, drastic changes in your life and you may have to let go of the present job due to that. And, that will definitely lead you to joblessness if you are not lucky on immediately getting a new one.

Trust me when I say that the above points, a few among many, are not fantasies of my mind. They are happening, have happened before, and will do so in the future. Many people throughout the world are currently in jobless situations, due to most of these different scenarios.

So, What Happens To Your Mind If You Become Jobless ?

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I know, these are difficult issues to discuss, but, they are true and relevant. So, avoiding them is not a solution. If you get yourself in jobless situation, you don’t really know when it might get over. It can be a month, or it can be several years. Whatever the duration of such situation is, the effects on your mind are far more long lasting. Let’s see in a few points, what happens to our minds, God forbid, if we find ourselves in jobless situations.

  • The most drastic effect of such a situation on your mind is the slow and painful discovery of the different changing faces of the people you call your own around you. Initially, they go all out to support you. Then as time goes by, slowly they start behaving like strangers. That can leave long lasting pain in your mind and heart.
  • You can go into that feeling of hopelessness and low self esteem, if you are out of a job. You can have strange thoughts in your mind asking yourself about your credibility to not being able to save and hold on to your job, and not finding another. Such a situation can decrease your confidence level by huge proportions.
  • In a jobless situation, nobody sits idle. They try their level best to find another one through all channels available. Even then, it takes slow and painful amount of time. And that can frustrate you, making you go weak in your mind.
  • When people start talking in hushed voices about you and your situation in a tone that the entire fault is yours, when they start doubting you about your job loss, and such myriad amount of different opinions you will hear from people who cared nothing about you when you were working, can take a heavy toll on your mind.

These are all true, and they can happen to anybody, anywhere. We live in strange worlds, strange situations, strange circumstances. Going out of a job sometimes is not in your hands, nor that you deliberately induce it, but stuff happens, and then you can actually find out the true faces of many. So, what do you do, when you undergo such situation ? Let’s find out.

How You Can Train Your Mind In A Jobless Situation

  1. Even if it’s difficult, but start accepting the fact that in such a situation, you will actually be alone. And alone, you will have to fight it out. Train your mind to accept that there will be nobody to help you out, even though many will assure you.
  2. I can tell you to be positive and never lose your hope. But, you will have to feed that in your mind on your own day in and day out. Talk to yourself saying that this situation is not permanent, it will pass. Try hard and honestly, it may take time, but one day, trust me, you will again find yourself in good times.
  3. Try to shut your mind of from peoples’ opinions and their concocted stories and tales about their own lives and others. This problem is your’s only and you will have to solve it on your own. Kiss them goodbye. Accept it in your mind that you are strong enough to handle your situation.
  4. Never say die. Keep on searching, browsing, applying, talking with relevant people, do anything to find the next one, but never lose hope.
  5. Try to meditate once or twice daily, for small periods. This will help you to keep your focus. This will keep you away from all the negativity around you in such a jobless situation. This will make your mind stronger.
  6. Keep yourself lively and kicking. Listen to music, indulge in some positive reading, take those walks if you can, or play with your children if possible. Never allow your mind to tell you about anything negative regarding your present state.
  7. Never blame yourself for past decisions. No one knows or understands under what circumstances you have taken those. If you need to rectify something, do it. But, never ever blame yourself or anyone.
  8. You can pray to your heart’s content. But sometimes mere praying doesn’t help. So, get up, and do your bit by acting on your efforts. Something will definitely come out if you try hard. Thus, make yourself mentally strong by believing in yourself.
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A new day dawns on us daily. So, there’s a new day for all of us. And as we bask in the new day, there is hope. When there’s hope, there’s possibilities and potentials for much positive things to happen to us. In life nothing is permanent, so they say. And it’s true. As our joys and attachments with our loved ones are not permanent, so are not our woes. If we have gone into a doom after passing through happy days, then trust me, the doom is also not permanent. We are never stagnant, we are constantly moving, in a journey, that will take us through these highs and lows, and we learn to adapt, to accept, and to take steps to change situations in our favor, so that we can live, happily. I hope, from what little I have shared with you all today here, you will take positive strides and not go into a dark abyss of hopelessness in a jobless situation. You will definitely try harder, make your mind stronger, and will soon find a new job or business opportunity to get you settled once again. Do, let me know what you feel about it in your mind, and share your comments below.

But if you do not find an intelligent companion, a wise and well behaved person going the same way as yourself, then go on your way alone, like a king abandoning a conquered kingdom, or like a great elephant in a deep forest – The Buddha.

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2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Your Mind In A Jobless Situation

  1. I have been there… last year for about 6 months i had no job. the 11 month internship i was doing did not convert into PPO.. then i just loaded my self with online courses, applications, resume making, profile updating on several platforms.. some days were depressing.. i read and painted those days.. webinar fatigue was another issue.. but nothing converted to a job.. then finally small start – i landed a little something, less than what I was earning before but I was desperate.. at least I started… thankfully parents and friends and siblings did support a lot…

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