Japanese Garden In Eco Park, Kolkata – A Peaceful Experience

In these troubled times, when our minds are clouded with chaos, uncertainties, fear of the unknown, worries and a whole lot more, it’s sometimes helpful to take back our minds into some peaceful corner where some past memories, experiences can soothe us. Such one such corner for me is to share with you some glimpses of a favorite place where I have frequented in the past few years before the pandemic, and that is the beautiful Japanese Garden in Eco Park, Rajarhat in my home city Kolkata. Trust me when I say that the place will definitely give you some precious moments of peace and tranquility.

Situated in the wetlands of Kolkata in the Newtown area of Rajarhat, Eco Tourism Park is a much sought after destination of many seeking peace and tranquility among natural greenery. The park provides lots of open spaces with it’s multitude of walkaways, playing areas, cafes, restros, sprawling gardens, miniature Wonders of the World and many other attractions for people of all ages. On the weekends and holidays the park is thronged by large masses, all wanting to soak in the air and the fresh energy in the pristine surroundings.

But, among all these, my favorite place has always been The Japanese Garden or The Japanese Forest. Every time I visit Eco Park with friends or family, I make it a point to enter the Japanese Garden, and spend some peaceful time in the revered surroundings with The Buddha sitting in his temple in the beautiful monastery inside. No matter which time of the day or evening you visit, The Japanese Garden will stay in your minds for ever and will always call you back to it.

In this post I won’t say much. I just want you to soak in the peacefulness of the place through many pictures I have taken in the garden on my multiple visits. Hope, you will take a trip down the memory lane if some of you have already visited it earlier.

The Japanese Garden Through My Eyes

All Photos are clicked by the author. Kindly ask before you decide to use them and share.

I will leave you with the tranquility of The Japanese Garden. Let me know your experiences if you have already visited Japanese Gardens elsewhere in our country, since there are other such gardens in many parts of our country. Share your comments below, and till next time, stay safe and healthy 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Japanese Garden In Eco Park, Kolkata – A Peaceful Experience

  1. Eco park and Cafe Ekante lake is one of our favourite places in Kolkata. The tranquility is truly enchanting. But we have not visited the Japanese garden. Will go there next time.

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      1. Thanks Diti for reading it. Yes, there are many places in our city that we don’t know about yet. I have always wanted to visit all the buddhist temples we have in Calcutta, but I need to know how many are there and where they are.


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