Pet Shop Boys – My Trip Down The Memory Lane

I can’t really tell you how happy I am to write this post on one of my top favorite electronic pop bands from the 80’s, the legendary British synth pop giants, Pet Shop Boys. Lately I was listening to some old songs from the yesteryear, which were quite regular on my cassette deck[which is not there anymore with me now]. And all my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs flooded my memory. While playing their songs now on the digital music streaming platform You Tube Music premium, I get instantly transported to those days when things were much more simpler and happier. Does your favorite music takes you back on a trip down the memory lane ? I bet they do.

Pet Shop Boys

Many of you will be familiar with Pet Shop Boys. And then, many of you may not have heard their music. To just refresh, the band started in London in 1981 with Niel Tennant and Chris Lowe. They both were big fans of electronic pop music, and decided to pursue that.

Their shared love of synth driven pop sound made their creative juices flowing. And that helped them come out with specific sounds which became a hallmark of their music.

Their band name was taken from friends who used to work in a pet shop, and thus they started calling themselves as the Pet Shop Boys.

I remember I heard the song ‘Rent’ in 1985 on MTV and absolutely was smitten by this electro pop sound with such great vocals. I started searching more of their music and thus started a journey which is still continuing.

‘Actually’ was one their biggest hit albums which was released in 1987 under Parlophone Records. I remember we used to see the Parlophone logo on the cassettes we used to buy from our favorite music shop in Lindsay Street, Calcutta those days which was behind the iconic Globe cinema. Many of you will agree with me, who actually belong to the 80’s, that New Market, Lindsay Street, used to be our favorite hang out places in Calcutta. Lots of memories are attached with the iconic movie halls here, and many afternoons were spent here in glee 🙂

Coming back to Pet Shop Boys, the album ‘Actually’ featured some of their biggest hits including ‘Rent’, ‘It’s A Sin’, ‘What Have I Done To Deserve This'[ a duet with Dusty Springfield]. Even their debut album ‘Please’ also went to astronomical heights in music charts across many countries including England. It became a phenomenon that in the 80’s and 90’s, almost every shop and establishment in London used to play Pet Shop Boys songs.

I remember buying almost all their albums from their initial years. Their songs are always happy songs, almost most of them. They created this synth driven dance sound which mainly aimed at keeping fans up to their feet, in a light and jovial mood, dancing the blues away kind of. Yet, they experimented with lyrics which highlighted serious issues as well of the then world and it’s happenings. Neil Tennant’s voice became the hallmark and identity of the band, while the synth master Chris Lowe provided the instrumentation part where some amazing sounds were created using high end keyboards even in the early 80’s and 90’s.

I can’t really finish this post without mentioning their next two albums ‘Behaviour’ and ‘Very’. These albums came out in 1990 and 1993, and happened to be by far two of their best selling albums to date.

For me personally, these two albums along their predecessors, formed my early days’ journey with Pet shop Boys. Not just only these were music albums or they were just another band, but Pet Shop Boys and their music have always been my companion in those 80’s and 90’s when the times with my mom and dad and friends were much more simpler, much merrier, without much worries. Those were my growing up years, and the music has always been a part of it, and it is still after all these years.

It’s good that almost all of their early material were digitally remastered from the early analogue tapes and made available for the present generation to enjoy and know about their music. The above song ‘Being Boring’ is one of my top favorites from their 1990 album ‘Behaviour’. Sharing this one with you for your listening pleasure.

Even if I wanted, I couldn’t share all my favorites from the band in one post, but I can share with you one playlist I made of some of the songs from the band. Click here to listen to it.

Disclaimer : All photos in this post are sourced from Google Images.

Connect With Pet Shop Boys

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7 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – My Trip Down The Memory Lane

      1. I like how a-ha’s unplugged Take On Me actually appeared in the movie Deadpool 2.. such a fitting version for that scene in the movie. Have you heard the West End Girls (Lockdown Version) of 2020? It’s cool too..

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  1. My taste was much more common in those days. I never did hear this band. But I do love the music you have shared here! Music from our youth does transport us back to those times. My favs were Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Prince, U2, and others.

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