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Well, this is a subject which I think will be close to many of you, since many of us are active bloggers or use blogs on many occasions. I don’t consider myself to be an authority in blogging, but can share with you my experiences and views regarding the same. An ‘About’ page is an essential part of any blog, and should be given due importance in making the blog much more acceptable and trustworthy. This is the subject we will discuss in this post.

What Is An ‘About’ Page ?

Any blog or website is created either by an individual or by a group of persons or by any other institution engaged in various roles. We all know this, don’t we ? If we know this, then we will also agree that any visitor who visits the blog or website are either aware who the owner or creator of the website is if any big brand or company is involved, or the visitor may not be aware about the owner or creator of the blog if no such well known brands or companies are involved. An ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ section in the blog or website actually introduces the blog or the website to the visitors, informs them about the owner or creator of the blog, also apprises the visitor about the nature or purpose of the blog or the website. All these informations and a well written biography provides the visitor with a detailed introduction of the blog. That is what are basically the components of any blog or website ‘About’ page.

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Why An ‘About’ Page Is A Must For Any Blog Or Website ?

I can tell you from my personal experience, whenever I am visiting a blog or a website for the first time, even before I go into the hero section or the blog posts or any other area, I always look for the ‘About’ section, and upon finding it, invariably click it and go through the same to get myself acquainted with the owner or the creator of the blog. An ‘About’ section written in any form always gives me the feeling of trust and reliability about the blog or the website I am visiting and also talks highly about the authenticity of the same. But sadly, many bloggers surprisingly omit an ‘About’ section in their blogs, or just leave it casually, unwritten or not giving any importance to it. And that, trust me, creates a first hand distance between the visitor and the owner of the blog. That’s why, a good and well written ‘About’ Section is a must for any blog or website.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Here’s some further reading and ‘About’ section samples for you to check out. Click below.

At The End

At the end, I just wish to suggest to fellow bloggers, particularly upcoming ones, that, don’t compromise on the ‘About’ section or page in your blog or website. The ‘About’ section is not just about you, it is your communication to your visitors, your direct connection with your readers, what they can expect from your blog, what you can provide or wish to communicate through your blog, or what is it you want your visitors to do as long as they are in your blog. And always be there in person in your ‘About’ page, by which I mean that, please do include some lively and happy photos of you so that your visitors or readers can feel the instant connection with you. I have seen many ‘About’ sections which are written without any photos. That creates doubts in the minds of visitors, living them in a strange haze. So, folks, do check whether you are missing out on one of the most important sections in your blog or website, that is the ‘About’ page. Keep that in style and promote yourself in it 🙂 Till next time, I will leave with you a video of some amazing ‘About’ sections in blogs or websites. Enjoy the same. And, don’t forget to let me know your views on the same in the comment section below.

‘This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.’

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