Blogging For A Cause : #CauseAChatter

Blogging as a journey is always quite varied. It never runs on a fixed path. We, the bloggers have to try new and different things on a regular basis to energize and keep the blog running. It’s not easy for anyone, including me. In this journey which I started quite some years back, has taken me through various ups and downs, various experiences, challenges. In the process I have met quite a large number of bloggers from varied walks of life, I have also been associated with various blogging platforms and have taken part in their campaigns, events and engagements.

One such blogging platform and blogging community website is Blogchatter. I joined them quite some years back. Blogging through Blogchatter has always been full of fun, challenges, and has given me the opportunity to take part in various campaigns which are run from time to time. One such campaign is #CauseAChatter, which I joined and I was given the challenge of writing three posts in a quarter of a month on social issues, the options have been given to me from Blogchatter. I had chosen Mental Health Issues. I had recently completed the challenge for the current quarter. And Blogchatter has requested me to pen down my journey through this campaign, which I will enumerate below in simple words.

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My Ideas For Writing On Mental Health Issues

I had always known and experienced myself that mental health issues are universal and they remain and exist in a much prominent way among us. Neither can we deny it, nor can we avoid it. So, why shy talking about it ? And in these days of pandemic, when the whole world has been taken into ransom by this dangerous invader, almost all of us are suffering from various issues of mental health. And that’s where I got my ideas and vision for writing about keeping your mind strong in pandemic situation, about loneliness and also how you cope if you find yourself in a jobless position. These three topics are strong, very relevant to the preset times and they gave me the necessary fodder for my posts for this campaign on social causes.

My Goals For This Campaign

That wasn’t hard to plan 🙂 I had to write three posts in a quarter. Since I write in a personal blog of mine, my general diary like journal posts have enough elements from my daily life and personal experiences. And I started writing for this campaign with how to deal with our minds in pandemic situation. We all are experiencing it since last year, and the flow of thoughts came naturally. The rest I planned to complete within the quarter, which ultimately I did without much difficulty.

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And The Dream Finally Realized

Yes, the dream of completing this campaign finally realized when I completed writing the third and the final post of the quarter. Once I planned the steps which I took to write about pandemic times, loneliness and joblessness, what remained was execution. Writing has always been a very fond thing of mine and I have always enjoyed it. I know I don’t use heavy and very articulately tough words to show my writing prowess which I possess none :):). I just write in very simple common layman terms, and hope the readers will find them easy to read and understand what I am trying to say. Thus, I am very happy to realize this dream of completing this campaign of writing about social causes.

Do tell me about any such blogging campaigns you have taken part recently, and tell me all about how you went about it in the comment section below. Till then, stay safe and healthy. Cheers !!

6 thoughts on “Blogging For A Cause : #CauseAChatter

  1. It’s really nice to read about your planning & strategy – maybe I can take some hints and become a regular blogger. I also think it’s so important to focus on mental health today, I like the fact that many bloggers are bringing it into the conversation by writing about this once-taboo topic.

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