Environment And Happiness : Are They Self Complementary ?

Last few days we have received some good amount of rainfall here in this part of the world I live in. The rains have somewhat cooled down the air around us, have given the much needed freshness to the greenery all around, and have increased my energy level and lifted up my spirits :). And that has got me thinking. Does our environment around us has a direct bearing on our inner happiness ? And my answer is a resounding ‘Yesss’ :). This answer has prompted me to find out the reasons why our environment directly or indirectly affects our well being and happiness.

Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

Is Environmental Happiness A Myth Or A Reality ?

It is definitely not just a myth. Various studies around the world in mental health problems have proved a direct correlation between environment and human happiness. So, why is it so ? We humans like to have a direct connection with all other living organisms that we can get access to in our natural environment. This connection comes to us naturally and that improves maintains our natural inner health and mental health to a great extant. To put it simply, we find happiness in our natural surroundings along with all the other living beings. But this happiness depends on the quality of our natural environment. And this quality maintenance of our natural environment is very much in our very hands to a great extant.

“All Must Pay The Debt Of Nature”

– Annie Proulx

Picture Source : Pexels.

The single steps we take in keeping our environment clean and healthy make a strong foundation towards ensuring that we keep happy in ourselves. It is of utmost importance and very essential, that if we keep ourselves happy, then we can keep everybody and everything around us happy. And all these have a direct connection each other. When I hear the sound of rain outside my windows, and when I see the drops of these rains soak my houseplants in my windows, I know the rains are keeping my plants happy, and the plants in turn are keeping me happy. Thus the rains are keeping all of us happy 🙂 If we can breathe in the freshness in the air around us regularly, we keep good health both physically and mentally, and that is a happy feeling indeed.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Natural Happiness Depends On Our Environment

Yes, I truly believe that. For many of us living in cities, life can be stressful and full of challenges due to the daily grind of life we are subjected to. Some of us take these challenges head on, and some succumb to them and get more and more stressed. And that surely takes away our happiness, which directly or indirectly affects the happiness of everyone and everything around us. But then again, if we can turn to nature and find our connection with our green and blue planet even living in concrete jungles, we can surely feel more and more relaxed, happy and healthy. Our natural happiness very much depends on what kind of environment we create for ourselves, both natural and social environment.

Environmental experts will give you much detailed data based analysis on how our environment affects our happiness, while I can and have tried to tell you in simple and lay man terms from my own experiences about the subject. Everything that we do daily, affects our natural environment. Some of our actions enhance the environmental health of our planet, while many others endanger the entire planet as a whole, thus affecting everyone. And when we realize what we have been doing in terms of natural environment degradation, and how we have put our own existences in risk, somewhere deep inside our happiness dies. Our planet has everything and given us all that we need to be happy. It all depends on how we use them in our favor and keep them safe and sound. By doing so, we ensure that our natural resources will keep us happy and healthy for ever, thus making this world a better place to live in for generations to come.

A Little Treasure For You All From The Famed Jane Goodall

At The End

Whenever I visit any park having wide open spaces, lots of greenery, water bodies, clean and fresh air, with kids playing around, with their dogs and cats, trust me, that is the natural environment I feel comfortable in, living in a big city :). If we can transform our daily natural surroundings into an oasis of peace and happiness and tranquility, that will surely enrich our own lives and lives of those around us. And there, each of us are carrying enough responsibilities on our shoulders. Responsibilities towards this great planet of ours, our natural home. Thus, we can very well conclude that environment and happiness are indeed self complementary. Would love to hear from you about your experiences regarding the subject. Don’t stay away from commenting in the comment section below 🙂 Till next time, stay safe and happy. Cheers !!

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