Sun Power : Is It The Next Big Thing ?

Yes. We see it always up there in the sky. Smiling at us, shining down upon us, and sometimes burning us up :). And yet, without it we don’t exist. That’s our lifeline, our Sun. And, it is damn powerful. Our Sun can power up our lives in many ways. So, yes, it is the next big thing, if we can harness it’s power properly. It can save us for ever.

Why Power Of The Sun Is The Next Big Thing ?

Yesterday, I started thinking, that, even after so much effort we put up in our homes to cut down on electricity costs, still the bills go up exponentially on a regular basis. And, what ever we do, we seem to be losing control on that. And the high and mighty and the powerful seem to be turning blind eyes towards it.

And then, when I go up on the terrace and look up at the sky, I see that the most powerful and high and mighty is just looking down on us and basically laughing at us, maybe pitying us. Our Sun is asking us, why we don’t take all our energies from it when it is so much there for us in plentiful, and for ever ? When we think of it with due seriousness and intensity, we will understand that our Sun is definitely the next big thing for our planet’s environment and atmosphere.

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How Can Sun Power Become The Next Big Thing ?

That question is not much difficult to answer. Since our lives today are so much dependent on non renewable energy sources, which are potentially harmful to our environment and to our over all well being, we must look towards renewable energy sources to make our lives and the health of our planet better. And, that’s where Sun comes in and becomes the next big thing.

It’s an amazing fact that if we can catch sun’s power throughout our planet just for one hour daily, the energy collected can power all the homes in our planet for an entire year !! Once we know this and understand the magnitude of the possibilities, we must ask ourselves why are we not using Solar energy to power our homes, offices, and every establishment on a daily basis ? By doing so, we will cut down on harmful emissions, we will make our air less polluted, we will ease up our lives by significantly cutting down on electricity bills, we will save our planet from getting robbed of it’s non renewable energy sources, and thus keeping our planet safe and running for ever.

Are these not know to us ? I don’t think so. And yet, we still haven’t been able to incorporate the huge and immense power of the most powerful planet in the solar system, that is our Sun. Maybe, we are unsure where to get it, how to incorporate it in our daily lives, and more important, how to use it. But all these shouldn’t hold us back from trying to harness the power of the Sun in our daily lives, and see the change for ourselves. There are firms, agencies, and lots of information available for our use and knowledge regarding solar energy. Every home in every city can be on boarded to solar energy, and we will be able to produce all the power we need from the abundant energy source, our best friend for life, Sun.

Do check out this National Geographic documentary for more on this.


We breathe in polluted air almost every hour. We burn fossil fuels which put big holes in the only cover we have to protect us from our very own Sun. We dig big holes in our planet to take out limited natural resources on a daily basis to power our lives. And by doing all these, we endanger our planet, our world, our environment, and our children’s future. It is time, we look at renewable energy sources like Sun, Water, Air for making our lives easier and beautiful, and in turn making our planet healthy and running for ever.

If we can understand and make the Sun power the next big thing in our lives by incorporating solar panels on our rooftops and harness the solar power for running our lives, we will be part of the real development of our planet towards a greener and better future.

I hope you will all agree with me on this one. Do send your comments below so that we can further deliberate on this :). Thanks, and keep well and healthy. Till next time.

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4 thoughts on “Sun Power : Is It The Next Big Thing ?

  1. prasannaraghck

    “It’s an amazing fact that if we can catch sun’s power throughout our planet just for one hour daily, the energy collected can power all the homes in our planet for an entire year !!” Oh, that is a powerful piece of info. I think the awareness is growing these days to move away from non-renewables to renewables, more is needed.

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