My July Diary Dated 25.07.2021 And A New Blog

It’s that day again after a long week, Sunday. The universal holiday for many. 🙂 And this very day I sat down for my scribbles in my diary. It was 21st of the last month that I wrote one. Hope some of you have read it. If not, you can catch that one here 🙂

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June and July are basically the months of rains in my part of the world. And that has been coming down in bits and pieces throughout these days in many parts of my country. Sometimes heavy and too heavy somewhere and sometimes not so heavy elsewhere. Currently in my city Kolkata, rains are happening at a steady level, keeping the outside air and surroundings fresh and cool. So, I am having lots of these rainy Saturdays, cloudy Mondays, drizzling Fridays and soaking Sunday mornings. Today, it has been raining since morning.

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Since last Monday, that is the 19th, I have started going to office again. Offices in these pandemic times are not the same as used to be earlier, like two years ago since it all started. Many employees have preferred as per company policies to work from home, and are not coming to office on a regular basis. My office is no exception. With masked colleagues in fewer numbers, the usual humdrum is missing in office. But, anyways, the work or rather to say, the show must go on :). So, my daily commute has started in the usual grind, with fewer cabs, buses on the streets, sometimes it poses it’s usual challenges. And many of us don’t prefer driving to office on a regular basis. Rather we love to be driven, enjoying and relaxing the journey in many ways.

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Started A New Blog

Yes, I have started a new blog in these last few days. I was toying with the idea for a long time that I wished to have a dedicated music blog which will have only have music and nothing else. Since I have used WordPress a long time since three four years now, I wanted to see whether I can build a website right from scratch in some other platform. And when I say right from scratch, I mean, designing the website as per my own wish.

And that’s where WIX came in. I had heard about the platform, but never gathered up the courage to try my hand at designing a full website and blog right from scratch, until recently when I started to explore the platform. And the more I went deep into it, the more fascinated I became with the myriad of design possibilities of WIX. I decided to have a go at it. And that’s where my new blog Music Review came into existence. Here’s just a screenshot of the Hero section of my newly created blog below 🙂 It took me almost two weeks to finalize and publish the blog.

My New Blog Music Review

So, can we maintain multiple blogs ? Many of us are already maintaining more than one blog and I think, yes, we can. And since my new blog Music Review belongs to a particular niche, which is music, and that’s one of my top favorite niches, I am confident of making and maintaining a beautiful blog. In this new one, I do music reviews, introduce and promote new artists, singers, bands in their song and album releases, I also review and present any music from already established and big names in the music world that I love to listen to.

So, do connect with me in new blog. If you wish to send me your music, please do so 🙂 And don’t forget to subscribe and follow my new blog and catch my music reviews there. Would love to have you in the musical journey with me. Thanks, and until next time stay safe and healthy.

Leaving you with a lovely new song from Coldplay.

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