5 Reasons Why I Don’t Review Every Book I Read

Even before I start writing this one, I must say this is purely my personal view on how I look at book reviews. So, with all due respect to all book reviewers out there, I must say that I am not very fond of doing reviews of every book I read. So, when I found this topic as a suggestive prompt on a blogging platform, I wanted to write this one. And here goes 🙂

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I somehow feel book reviews are slowly becoming more business like these days. I may sound tad bit annoying when I say this, but I can’t help it, that’s exactly how I feel. I remember in my childhood days, when we used to read much more than now a days, books were our treasures in our bedsides, our favorite companion in the afternoons and night time. Some of them we liked and loved, and there were many that we didn’t. And we used to read books in a leisurely manner. Now a days, it’s a little bit different that I personally don’t endorse very much.

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So Let’s See Where I Beg To Differ With Others

  1. I personally think these days we are more keen to read books just to review them. I don’t enjoy going into a racing mode to finish books so that I have more books to review and get paid for doing so.
  2. It’s always much enriching to actually read a book and enjoy it, so that we will want to read it many times more. So, book reading for me is always a slow process, as I love to take it in bit by bit every day.
  3. Even if I don’t review books at all, I sometimes want to share my reading experience of any particular book or books with others, and that does not happen in a set review format. I just share the goods of some of my favorite books with everyone so that they can also know about the book and try them out if they want.
  4. I don’t review or share every book I read, because I think all books we come across may not have the quality or the necessary elements making them worthy of reviews. I detest the idea of reading books just for the sake of reviewing them. It cannot happen that you can like every book that you read.
  5. Books are some of our favorite companions. They are treasured in our home libraries, both in physical form and now a days in digital form. I personally don’t endorse going into speed reading mode for reviewing them, thereby diminishing the reading as well as the book writing quality.

In The End

Yes, in the end I will say this much that these are purely my personal views and they are not meant to hurt or criticize fellow readers who love writing book reviews. I personally don’t like reviewing every book I read. I have always been very selective in my sharing of my reading experiences with others. I only do so if I really like a story and feel the efforts of the author must be shared and commended.

So, let me know how much you have started hating me after reading this one :):) But, jokes apart, do let me know if you share my views or differ with them. Keep your comments coming and let’s deliberate on the same. Until next time, stay safe and healthy. Thanks. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Review Every Book I Read

  1. i agree with most of your points. I too don’t write about all the books that i read. Apart from the reasons that you have mentioned i also don’t read books that i would like to read again or i really like as at that particular time i don’t think i would be able to do justice to the book. I wouldn’t be articuate how i really feel about it.

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    1. Right you are Vikas. I agree with you completely. Unless the book is a classic, very seldom we revisit the book or want to read it again. Thanks for visiting and reading the post.


  2. I totally agree that when we share out thoughts about books, we don’t really need to do it in a set format.

    And that’s a reminder to myself 🙂 for I tend to slip back into the tested and tried formula mostly.

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    1. True that Ravish. And everyone is becoming a reviewer these days. You cannot mug up books just to review it. Share your honest feelings and views about the book you love, that is far more cool, I think.


    1. And to be honest, I don’t trust the reviews because I have left many well loved books unfinished. It doesn’t mean I don’t read reviews but I follow the blurb and sample chapters and my instinct.

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  3. I actually agree with your reasons for not reviewing every book. For me, the reason is that once I pick up a book with an intention to review it, I stop enjoying the process. I try and analyse the book, which is unfair to the Author. All your thoughts resonated with me.

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    1. Thanks Aesha. Very true words you say here. That’s exactly what I feel when I wonder that why I don’t review all the books I read. It takes away all the pleasure of enjoying a really good book.

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    1. And there’s nothing wrong with that Suchita. I personally don’t like reviewing every book that I read. But I have no problems in others doing so. Everyone has their own personal choices, and I always respect that. I share my feelings after reading a good book with others so that they can share it too.

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  4. I agree with you completely! I tried the reading for reviewing sake and found that it’s not my cup of tea. Even when I did review, I chose the ones I knew would interest me. Books are meant to comfort, to enrich and to fulfill our reading passion, so we should just do it as and when we feel and not for some ulterior motive.
    Well written.

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  6. Ok so I read books for fun , and books for review, and my frame of mind while reading both is totally different. However, I might have picked certain books personally but enjoyed them so much that I wanted to spread the joy and write a review for them, even though there was no compulsion to do so. But yes, the bottom line of pleasure, whether reading for review or fun doesn’t change.

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  7. I completely respect your point of view, Anindya. Glad that you stand by the choice you made and shared your view with us. I review books that need a review. I think reviews help people decide whether they want to pick up a book, or not.

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    1. As I have said, this is completely my persona view……I also love to share some favorite book of mine with others, but maybe not every book I read needs a review. I have nothing against others writing reviews. People should enjoy what they are doing…..:)


  8. Why just book reviewing, nearly everything is being monetized today. And when the incentive is money, it edges out intrinsic motivation.

    I have always wanted to discuss the merits and demerits of every book I read, but it doesn’t have to be in review form.

    I agree that speed reading for the sake of reviewing takes the fun out of reading and turns it into a chore.

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